I had spent 3 months to feel heartbroken for my girlfriend, and I'm glad to get it off my chest finally after I repeatedly considering to write about it, or not.

So they met each other years ago. Been together for 7 years. Broke up months ago.

The girl has been working out a business, when she is funding to expand her business, the boyfriend decided to invest and naturally, he gets a half of the share. In between, they cohabiting, work out for the business together. Truthfully speaking, the girl herself has a clear vision for their future, planning for it, and work for it, endlessly. The boyfriend? I am nobody to comment as I knew him as the girlfriend's boyfriend, I have nothing to tell about him.

Our mutual friends urged her to fight for her rights. My suggestion to her was to have a partnership and build another empire on her own. She is heartbroken, life seems meaningless and she has no strength to fight anymore. She left the company empty handed. From my own eyes, from what I seen, I doubtful when the boyfriend defended that he ditches the relationship for nobody, then who's the new girl with you?

My girlfriend asked me if my boyfriend yelled into my face, telling me I'm a disappointment to him, how would I feel?

I'll get angry and give him the ultimate turning flying kick with a taste of big fat slap on his face, make sure he'll cry for help. Nay, nothing of these happened before. I meant the flying kick, slapping and crying of help. So anyways.

Been through ups and downs, quite a life experience to grow up together, set a life mission and future vision for our relationship. We are different in freaking many ways but I do believe, when time passes, we able to figure a way out for the differences. If cockroaches challenge my dignity, please throw it out from our house.

One thing for sure, I say what I really meant. There's one phase in our relationship where I have conflicts with him, specifically the people in his life. A lot of time, hate arises from misunderstanding and inconsideration. To help myself to cope with the frustration, I constantly keep everything inside, until I couldn't take it, I speak out with honesty, like brutally honest. I'm not regret of every bit of it, because, man, reality is cruel, somebody needs to get the facts right. Ya'll must give me credits for that, because if I don't, he won't be able to know it.

Telling me I'm a disappointment, it's an understatement, dude. Give me other labels too. Failure? Hopeless? Cruel? Heartless? Self-centered? Bossy? Stubborn? Masculine? What else? Give me more. After all these years, from the bottom of life and we rose together, and now you're telling I'm a disappointment. What a way to break someone into pieces.

From my point of view, whatever skills I have, I gained and earned it without him, he has nothing directly involved, including the networking I've built and the people I knew in life. He wants to known famously as "the guy", I helped him in so many ways. Truthfully speaking, if he think his personalities play a big part, I'll like to see it happens. Anyhow, I'm such a disappointment to him.

One thing about egoistic person is, overly estimated the importance of himself. Being grateful is never a common practice in life. Ask your innerself. Are you who you are today without the existence of your other half? The essentials in a relationship are nothing less than:

1. Mutual respect, appreciation and understanding
2. Friends and family who are at least decent human beings
3. Similar ideas about future planning and money
4. Honesty and spurn insecurities.
5. Know who you are. Know who you are. Know who you are.

Sorry to say that it's extremely distasteful when somebody tells you to slow down, stop being an outstanding ones, because you're outshining the guy standing next to you. Either your partner man up, or you go for a better ones. Somebody that deserve the good sides of you. I've been trying to motivate my girlfriend, the world is such a wonderful place to explore, this is just a phase that she needs to go through, it's not end of the world, girls!

I shared my thoughts with a male friend. After listening to my many points of view in this matter, he shared his thoughts. A man should have the strength to overcome the frustration and never hold grudges, otherwise, everything will fall apart. Women are different. They are constantly feeling insecure, regardless you're a grade A lady or grade C lady, the feeling of insecurity come naturally. Women are sensitive in many ways, but never overlook the good sides of their ignorance. They accept your belly and probably your dandruff over the pillow. Or the moment when you remove your denture, or when you're attacked by Hypoglycaemia.

Women and men are made that way. Women can choose a life where she has a man who devoted his entire life, and women's pain tolerance in birth giving is the 'entitlement'. Even if many women aren't mothers, they are taking care of a big boy, some of the big boys even come in a combo non-economical package, the whole family branches from a different tree.

Some human are lack of common sense.

Change sides now. Men can choose which woman he's marrying to. If the woman come in a non-economical package, you can cut it off what. I'm not a Feminist, honestly speaking. Women shall be able to take care of themselves, don't rely on your other half 300%. You'll lose your self value, and the unhealthy cycle starts again. I don't believe the man should be the sole breadwinner, but if a man can't bear the household, then don't get married at all. No marriage, no burden, no kids, zero commitment. Better save what's left and build a decent life for your own. Same goes to the women, if you can't find a decent partner, be a non-married and be happy for it.

Most importantly, who told you that you're a disappointment, ditch it. Find something that you're passionate with and live your life like a rockstar.

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