Here we are, Manchester United Asia Tour 2009!

We reached there about 2.30PM.

I love the tickets, I never have such colorful-printed tickets. Credits go to Joevin for getting me a ticket! Big applause! I was so eager to go for the match. Have been asking bii to accompany me.

He can't give me any confirmation before he reschedule his timetable. Quite dissapointed but still hoping that I can go.

Was thinking to purchase the VIP, thought that the normal seating will be full of rubbish and you can smell various body odour, kill you the max.

It was too late when bii confirmed he's not going, VIP seats sold out.

Was looking for friends to go with me. Most of them had dates. Some of them are going with a bunch of people that I don't really know.

Am blaming bii for these, nagged him to get someone to go with me.

Finally, Joevin got the tickets and asked if I want to go.

*Pong pong! Fire crackers in the sky*

Then, here I am!

This considered my first jersey. Love it much!

Camwhoring before the match. ;)

More to come :