Woke up early in the  morning about 7AM. The bed is so tempting and I couldn't resist it, so I closed my eyes thinking to take a short nap before take a bath. Jumped off from the bed when the clock hits 8AM and rushed to the station pumped gas before heading to Ampang. Perhaps you guys still have no clue what I'm babbling here, wtf is Roslyn trying to say kind of thingsssss? Let's the photos do the talking. Happy reading peeps!

Indeed I spend my last Sunday with my one of my close friends during college studies by volunteering in SPCA Selangor. Carmen has been involved in volunteering works since I met her in college. During chit-chat via MSN, she mentioned that she is going to help out and I decided to go with her this time.

Despite of my kiasu-ing for not trusting my GPS system, where I took wrong turns and couldn't find the way to Carmen's house, eventually we still managed to reach there safely an hour late than what we planned.

# Carmen is changing the newspapers.

We joined in the team immediately once we reached there. As part of the workers, we clean the cages and change the newspapers before the feeding time. The dogs are so adorable and behave. Frankly, their intelligence and friendliness beyond my expectation. This is the first time I visited this warm house of abandoned animals. The animals, especially the dogs are well taken care and most of them are vaccinated. Sorry I did not spent time with the cats as much as with the dogs, as what I observed, the cats are well kept in big cages, SPCA provides a clean and cozy environment for our furkids.

# Aunt Rose is mixing sliced meat with cooked rice.

I almost have communication break down with her as we were assuming that we both are bananas and do not speak Cantonese. Funny thou and we realized the fact finally when I heard her spoke in Cantonese with Carmen. I answered her with Cantonese and she just gave me a big smile. Aunt Rose is the long term worker, all the dogs love her and they listen to her command obediently.

 # It's feeding time for furkids.

Surprisingly, we weren't the only two volunteered on Sunday. I'd seen many Caucasian families bring their kids to SPCA and taught them how to clean the cages and feed the animals. For safety reasons, they are allowed to feed puppies but adult dogs. I find that the adult dogs are not scary at all and they have good relationship with human. They'll wait courteously, I meant they won't bark at you rushing you to feed them with foods, when you open the cage, they will look at you gratefully, I am not kidding and not over-exaggerated it. You can try if you don't believe it.
# After the feeding time.

SPCA will only release dogs for adoption after de-worming, one vaccination and neutering operation. It's flea-free as well so no worries that you'll bring a sick pet home. For those who want a small size dog, I suggest you to take adult dogs because once they reach age 1, the size will remain the same, unless you feed your dog too much and cause obesity. Imagine I force feed you with foods down to your throat wtf you'll feel sick, right? So never do that to our men's best friend.

# Puppies for adoption.

The price range is RM150 and above for dog adoption inclusive the vaccination and de-worming. Vaccination is mandatory for our furkids once a year, same as BCG or whatsoever. One vaccination of 6-in-1 costs roughly RM35 to RM45. Apart from that, you need to bring them to the vet for heart-worm injection as well as neutering operation. Heart-worm charges will depend on the weight, for instance, 35KG roughly cost you RM150 for a yearly injection, and as for monthly pills, it should cost cheaper.

#Variety of pets that available.

Once you are successfully adopted a pet from SPCA, the staff will pay a friendly visit to your premises, where you keep your adorable furkid to see how your new pet settling with its new family.

#Furkids on board.

Different pets have different characteristics. You can't expect all of them should be obedient, intelligent, adorable or active. See the dog above? He is indeed a cute dog, he has this weird habit, he refused to step on the floor and would rather to have his bed and bowl on top of cages. The staff had combined few of the cages together so that he can have more space and to avoid his legs will stuck between the medal sticks when he walks, they had place the black mats for him.

# Sweet little blackie.

The dog above is quiet but she is lovely. I picked a stray dog from the street when I was in Standard 2, since then I can't resist to get more dogs. My mom unanimously labeled as the pet lover among her friends, she takes care of our dogs and never skip any of our furkids' medical visit to the vet. We, as the owner have the responsibility to keep our furkids safe and healthy.

# Please take me home.

You can start with the place where you keep your furkid. Make sure it's clean and dry. If you keep them in a cage, place a water-proof mat or newspaper to avoid their pee or poo split out and also for the convenience to clean the cage. After your dog come back from walk outside, wash their foots especially check out their paws for grass cut or stone cut. If you leave the wound openly, maggot will eat all his flesh and eventually, your dog will die of ultimate suffer.

# I beg you for not abandoning me.

Some of them are left on street by the owner. Those heartless and lack of moral value barbarian should die bang by truck on highway and nobody will attend his/her funeral they can just die alone rotten alone. I did not know why the dog in the photo above ended up in SPCA, however, the matter is this eyes infection is not a big problem and it definitely can be cured, it's just the matter of time and efforts. Routine eye-drops and vitamins will help but I don't know they have the money to bring her home probably for the fame of having a shihtzu but eventually this dog ended up here, maybe they intended to let her die on street.

# Shih Tzu for adoption.

I would rather not to know why are they sent to SPCA. These furkids have their new life here and this is what matters. Shih Tzu is one of the breed that need to pay more attention as they easily get infected potentially on the eyes. The owner should wipe the eyes area as well as regular bath because of their long fur.

# Love me as how I love you.

Pure breed definitely is more fragile compared to mongrels. For those first time pet owner, I strongly suggest you to adopt one from SPCA or pick up one from the street. Beware that stray dogs afraid of human and they probably bite your hands off when you're touching them. Share some of my experience with readers. I have 4 different pure breeds at home and another 4 mongrels at my another house. My 4 pure breeds are fragile and they visit clinics more than my mongrels did. For instance, you need to observe the inhalation of pug because of their short muzzle, most of the pug have breathe problem and probably died of that. Alaskan hate heat and I need to keep her in the aircond room for a meanwhile and going to install a ceiling fan soon in the car porch. Belgium Shepherd love jumping and running. Although boyfriend and I sometime tired after coming back from work, we will never skip her fun time at the backyard. Mumble indeed the most adorable dog of mine but she is more sensitive compared to the rest, so we mostly bear with her emotional moment we will just let her sleep on my lap throughout the day.

# Save a life by adopt one.

Owner is the guardian the parents of furkids. We should keep them safe and happy. Treat them like a human but pet. They need respects from you and most importantly, your love and concern. They have their right and believe me, all they ever wanted are your love, a safe place and sufficient food. Other than that, we should provide a space for them to exercise and toys for them to chew. Pets should be tied all the time, imagine I keep you in a small cage and all you can do is to move your big fat neck and drink the dirty water, what will you feel? I guess most of us would rather die by then.

# Caress me more don't stop.

To support SPCA, boyfriend and I, my family members too, will pay a visit to SPCA end of this week. Then, boyfriend and I will officially make monthly donation via auto debit. My boyfriend wouldn't mind to make donation, however, as I explained to him, I want him to witness the situation of our furkids in Malaysia and I am seeking for his fully support and confidence in my decision. Indeed, Malaysia is one of the infamous country in animal cruelty. Malaysians are lack of moral value in animal care, especially those who intentionally hurt the animals really can die now. Have you seen kids that throw stones to stray dogs and the parents did nothing. First, the parents are disqualified and brainless, the kids obviously will be like them when they grew up one day. I never stay silent when I see this incident, fortunately, my boyfriend and friends never stop me from doing it and some of them even scold the kids on behalf of me.

# Animals Matter To Me.

 Be a responsible pet owner. You can save a life by adopting one. I am a happier person even since I bring Mumble back to home. Then Roche, Joker and Gambit. I can't resist their cuteness and personal touch. They are always there for me tail wagging waiting for me to reach home after work. I celebrate their birthdays every year and definitely, it's their KFC time wtf I don't eat as much as them. Boyfriend and I will order ice cream cake, never chocolate flavour because it will caused toxic inside body and they'll die.

You can call SPCA everyday from 9AM to 4PM to enquire about pet adoption. The friendly staff will provide you further details. If you can't keep pet at home, you can always visit SPCA.

I am grateful to have a reader like you who patiently finish reading this entry. I am an extreme pet lover and I am hoping more of you to join the clan. *grin* Please bear in mind, once you adopt one, he or she will be with you probably 10 to 15 years. It's a long term relationship and love your furkids as how they adore you.

So, happy adopting furkid, readers! Find your new love there. Adios! 
Law Breakers.

Halal is the must-know word in Malaysia, don't you think so?

The counters were all opened but some of the customer lined up here without any non-halal groceries.

Argh whatever. Just thought it was quite funny thou.

PS : Photo above taken using N97.

Boyfriend and I went to Greenbox that night. It was been a month we never get the chance for karaoke session due to his busy schedule and I wasn't it Seremban frequently.

I was half-excited and half-hungry but the eagerness to hold the mic overwhelmed me.

Boyfriend went out for foods without me while I choose my song list.

Innocence / Telephone / Behind These Hazel Eyes / Blah Blah Blah / Down / See You Again / You Belongs With Me / Paparazzi / Fall For You / Viva La Vida / Can't Fight The Moonlight and etc.

Nothing much for Chinese songs because I can't even sing one for real. Gosh.

I was blasting the speakers with my broad voice and the consequences of my uncontrollable eagerness,

I hurt my kidneys. Serious. It hurts badly.

Boyfriend teased me I shouldn't use my kidneys to sing wtf.

Apart from that, Gambit has grown so much!

 Joker and Gambit.

What can I expect more from a Alaskan?

She is taller than Joker now but Joker's weight still unbeatable. I can foresee that she will as big as Mumble and Roche in another 2 months. Can't wait to walk her with the rest of dogs. *grin*

Boyfriend said that I shall not keep her in the room because she is not a toy breed and she gets wet all the time! 

Yes I meant it, she ist wet ALL THE TIME.

She'll pee on my carpet, poo at the entrance and turn her bowls upside down.

The water splashed on the floor and she is happily lie on the water.

I never use the hair dryer that frequent in my life,

my brother who has his room next to mine was wondering what on earth I kept blowing my hair.

 No, Alaskan has long fur and I have to make sure she is dry to avoid bad odour.

Bravo Gambit, you make mama works like a dog wiping your ass  groom you every evening before I can even take my bath.

Many friends asked if Alaskan is hard to take care of?

It's very subjective, you know?

I've been asking all those young mothers about taking care of kids.

They told me different answers but to sum up, most of them told me "They'll grow up".

To be frank, sometimes I find myself feel uneasy with kids,

they never failed to impress me and some of them, seriously knock you off with their smartness.

so kids, get yourself far far away from Aunt Roslyn, she'll bite.

Share her cute photo with you.

Joker is so adorable! She would play with you for the whole day and at 12 AM sharp,

she will climb up to the bed and hug one of my pillow, as what you seen in the photo above.

She snores when she sleeps. Faint.

She has this girlie habit, I was stoned when my mom told me that she loves to put on body lotion after taking bath with my mom.

Indeed, she has better smell than me every time she took bath, unbelievable.

I will only apply body lotion occasionally, but

she uses body lotion that costs RM98 per bottle twice a week that belongs to my mom.

It's unfair wtf, isn't it? My mom will never offer me to use her body/facial products.

 GPS for free.

For Nokia user, especially Nokia N97 users, now you can download GPS for free!

I've downloaded this app from Nokia OVI Store few weeks ago and I find it quite convenient yet troublesome.

As what boyfriend said : Just few buttons away and you can get your directions.

I've downloaded Singapore and Malaysia maps just for testing,

Apparently the map the details the roads info is not updated!

I can't see the map of my house in a new residential area wtf.

Additionally, it takes quite a long time for the satellite to locate your position, by the time they located you, probably you already reach your destination.

So the tips here is : Activate it about 10 minutes before you got into your car.

I should complaint so much, right? It's free anyways.

It's like they gave you food sample in the grocery area and you just shut up taste it, like it then buy it. If don't, shoo.

Joker's cute face on my handphone screen.

Once in a blue moon I will check my bank account via online-banking.

So I logged in last night and click on "account summary", shit.
Heart broken. The little amount that left in the account can't do much nowadays. 
*Now you should be able to guess what the amount. Sigh.*

I tell myself it's worth more than everything, my suffocation, my efforts. After all the hard time that you can imagine,

eventually I have my very own Olympus PEN and VAIO. Let alone those air tickets and good dine-in experiences.

This is life, so bear with it. I enjoy my life whilst the hole in pocket torn even bigger. Beat it.

Stop whining and ready for new challenge in life, see, I'm optimistic. *face beaming with happiness*

Off for dinner. Adios!

# I'm happy *Can see my big smile?*

Finally, after all the misery wtf of choosing laptop, several visits to different shops, I am settling down with VAIO!

# The box.

Firstly, the salesperson told me PINK is not available anymore. I was quite surprise and disappointed wtf miserable moment.

Surprisingly many people chose Pink instead of other colors, disappointed because I need to go to KL to get one.

I am forced to pick other colors. I reluctantly chose maroon. Maybe the salesperson saw my shit face, he checked the stock again. Maybe GOD hears me, 2 Pink laptop were found!

Both booked by others. It's really unfair isn't it? They paid small amount of money but possess the laptop.

I can't believe that such shop actually accept deposit wtf.

Approached the supervisor.I insisted to buy it no matter what.

# OMFG bimbo! Sad that Pink is the most chio color among all the colors.

I think I hate Pink. I spent almost an hour in the shop just to decide which color I should take.

# Them checking out the specifications.

I was vulnerable between 2 processors, either i5 or i7. i7 costs RM1000 extra than i5.

# I must say this sales assistant is very attentive and helpful compared to other Chinese there.

So what I'm being racist here? One of the advantage being a mix blood is you can make fun with different race. Kidding.

I never deny that I'm a total bitch, undeniable a difficult customer.

Every cents count, I withdraw thousands from the ATM and brought it with me.

I should capture their faces when I pay them with cash notes, funny! One of them sarcastically asked what don't I pay by credit card. Whatever. Bear in mind that I'm the consumer and he is just a salesperson in this shop.

Nowadays customer service is very important, agree? I rated the bunch of Chinese salespersons 1.5/5.

# Rushing for family dinner.

One for laptop, another one for case and bag.
# Watcha looking at?

# Time to set up the laptop while I'm watching National Geography HD.

Damn it makes me headache watching HD with such a big screen. =/ not recommended.

# Grin!

I'm a tech-naive. Other than the contents in books, I'm sucks in practical. Theoretically, I can tell you all sorts of technical knowledge about engineering. In reality,  I don't even know how to do recovery files. =/

# Still setting up the system. Watching E! News.

Well this is so much better than National Geography High Definition. The possibility of celebrities screwing their life are 4587951 times higher. Maybe we should blame the fame and wealth. Sometimes they are out of their mind, or they think they have higher  social rank in society, argh, quite annoying but I find it entertaining. Some of them are clowns entertainers in life.

# My sister is arranging her university course schedule on-line.
Her boyfriend was the one who owned a VAIO first, then my sister has one, now I have one too. =)

# Blogger must-know camwhore technique.

Seriously, I'm still learning how to adjust my angles. Let it alone the function of the camera. It a newly bought semi-pro camera, still figure out how to master it. =/

Maybe compact camera suits me better. One of the reasons I want a semi-pro is because I need a camera equipped with higher shutter speed, gosh my dogs can run so fast until all the photos that taken by my Canon so blurry, too much noise.

Secondly it is because I hate buttons. I understand most of the pro cameras are manually adjustable, which what I can see is only time consuming and too much hassle!

All I want is switch it on and snap snap snap =)

# I am awesome.

No no no I meant the computer is awesome, not me.

*It's only a computer name, right?*

I'd chose Intel Core i5 processor and can boost up to 2.93 GHz.

Most importantly, internet-surfing speed super fast! One of my pet hates is : Waiting, waiting and waiting. So it's really matter to me.

This newly bought Laptop is quite impressing. I tried Modern War Fare : Call For Duty and Grand Theft Auto. The system able to run both the games smoothly without lagging at all.

For your information, MWF game is the decisive program that tested on almost all the laptops to check the performance of system.

 From the point of money wise and usage, personally I think VAIO is better than Macbook and HP.

Frankly speaking, my previous one was Compaq, have a 6 months old RM6000 HP laptop,

VAIO is still the best. Many tells that buying VAIO is waste of money, with such amount of money I can buy Macbook Pro, and they thought Macbook is the better one. Well apparently it prove you wrong.

Although this CW VAIO is slightly expensive than lower range of Macbook,  but believe me it worth every cent you spent.

I paid extra RM350 to extend one year warranty to three years warranty. Trust me, it's very important.

I can't get my hands off wtf like small kids get new toys. I promise that I will be an active MSN user, you will see my online often.

*changing my display pictures and shout outs*


I am head over heels,  items in my wish list 2010 is achieved one-by-one, now left one on the list. Whee!


So, good night people! Toddlesssss.
Alaskan Malamute


Now I officially introduce her to the media friends and readers!

I named her Gambit, chio, isn't it?

She is only one month plus,

very active and strong.

She can pull the metal chair using her baby teeth!

I bring her home last Wednesday.

She was shy and quiet,

did nothing but staring at me seems she has many doubts about her new home and family.

She has this weird habit where she loves to sleep on the water,

or she spills the drinking water on the floor and steps on it.

Joker is treating her good, they play together all the time but never sleep lying on each other.

She can go down the staircase without us teaching her!

Even Roche, the Belgium Shepherd of mine need to be taught step by step.

She is not Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute is way bigger size and stronger.

I need to switch on the air conditioner most of the time because she needs it badly.

Friends were asking is Alaskan the breed that pull the cart in snow?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Alaskan usually will be the leader of the group and the rest probably are all Siberian.

I used to think Siberian and Alaskan are the same breeds, haha.

But they are not. They look similar.

So I haven't start don't now how to train her, yet.

Let me figure it out then I can start to train her be obedient.

Mumble is the most obedient dog of mine, she is the champion ,still nobody can triumph her.

♥ Love much ♥
# First Attempt : Night Mode

# Second Attempt : Gentle Mafia

McChicken : Grainy Film

McChicken : Pop Art

McChicken : Soft Focus

At 2.54AM, I am still chewing on the manual booklet.

Wish me luck and hopefully I can transform into a semi-pro camera user.

Well, taking about buying a camera, I got my first compact camera from boyfriend when I was 19. It's a Canon Ixus. I snapped all my memorable moments, I meant, almost of it were captured and stored in my laptop. My dad had a DSLR long time ago, unfortunately, his daughter (me) dropped it on the floor and lenses broke into pieces. No, he didn't get angry at me, but ever since that he did not take any photos anymore. 

Many tells me that buying a semi-pro is a waste of money and they told me that why bother to buy a semi-pro as I will probably become a pro-camera user soon after tahat. No, it doesn't make any sense here. I know myself. I hate gadgets with too much buttons and honestly I am a tech-naive. It's proven the moment when I dropped my dad's camera because I was trying to figure out which one is the snap button. Canon offers free tutorials for camera buyers, I believe it always come in handy but hey, again I can settle down with a semi-pro camera. 

Canon S90 was my first choice before Olympus PEN. I kept eye-ing on Canon's products because mine is a Canon, supposedly I can handle it since they are from the same company. So when I go through most of the forums on-line, some of them recommended Olympus PEN, E-PL1 or E-PL2. For you information, I am willing to spend more time on-line searching for information, such as the prices, promotions, specifications, and etc before I really spend my sweat, my hard work, my time, my efforts, my dignity wtf on the particular item. Apparently, Olympus PEN caught my attention more than anything. It makes me happy when I finally make up my mind and save all those misery moment searching for camera with a 14.1" screen, it was so eye-soaring and gosh it make my stomach uneasy after spending hours staring at the small screen. In the same time, it sadden me to realize that I have no sufficient budget. Gosh, need to earn more money not only for this camera, but for my September vacation as well.

Maybe GOD hears my prayer, or I just plainly too moody not to be noticed, boyfriend gave me a green light. As a token of his efforts, my first model is him. =) My current favorite mode is PIN HOLE under ART mode. Besides that, I'm trying to become a devoted wtf camera user, so please feel free to teach me how to use it, you know that information from real camera users really works on newbie like me.

PS : Jumping around happily x 154589658423153 times ♥
Hey readers! How's your day today?

This is gonna be a longer post compared the normal one.

If you are rushing to church, I would suggest to come back and read after the prayer. Today is Good Friday la.

Aww don't ask me what I'm going to do for Good Friday, to be frank,

I will not do anything about it, but going to KLIA later to fetch my dad.


March is quite a plain month, I need some entertainment, so we decided to visit our neighbor aka Singapore!

It's been ages since I visited Singapore. This trip is planned just few days before that , luckily I have my passport validated. Most important, I have excessive money to spend! *Jumping around*

Arrived to Singapore.

Lamborghini at the Casino entrance.

How much you'll spend on the Jackpot machine in order to win this Lamborghini?

Really smart-business-minded la.

As far as I concern, the Casino will give out 3 Lamborghini,

who are the lucky three? *You?*

Other than having lunch in the Casino, I did not try my luck there.

# National Geographic

My favorite place.

Eh, Malaysia should have one so that I can buy boxes from them to store all my books and letters.

# Bear Workshop

Teddy Bears.

I'll buy one another day if I feel like. They are so cute, aren't they?

There are so many cute things in Singapore!

I see people walk their dogs at the park, even near to the shopping mall, which we seldom see it in this country.

Sorry la, I am extreme dog lover and I support SPCA.

Myself have three dogs, and another giant dog is coming soon.

I have membership from
all the petshopsalmost all the petshops and dog gatherings in Malaysia.

Talking about dogs, look what I found in Singapore...

# Yummy One.

Donuts and bone-like cookies.

# Yummy Two.

Muffins with different and attracting colors.

# Yummy Three.

Egg tarts.

All that are dog treat!

I wanted to buy it for my dogs but worry that the custom will confiscate it.

Eh, how come our Pet Safari don't sell it? They should, right or not?

Apart from this beautiful dog treats,

It was my lucky day where they have..

Free Cone Day! By Ben & Jerry's.

It happens only once a year and I am lucky to participate in this event!

It's free for everyone!

It didn't take long time before your turn. They have those pretty ladies to serve you pleasantly and efficient. They introduced me the assorted tastes and wait for us to choose patiently.

It's me dropping the form into the box.

Hopefully I'll win the contest! Pray hard for me ah you guys!

Wondering if they are willing to make international calls if any foreigner won? Hopefully they will!

Told you that they are patient.

All of us with different choices of ice cream.

To conclude this ice cream thingy, I am not a big fans of ice cream.

Others told me it's delicious and creamy. So in shorts, taste good la!

# Shopping Time for Chocolate

What else?

If you see the blue pillow I'm holding, can buy one for me ah?

It's M&M!

Ignore our weird expression. I guess I was having muscle pain.

My boyfriend is a big fans of M&M figures and he starts collecting them since 3 years ago.

One of the collected.

I unwrapped it soon after I reached home, want to check out if chips REALLY included.

OMFG, it's included!

I know I sounds stupid but I never thought such small box can put 3 blocks of chips inside with chocolates and poker card. Not to forget the poker-green-cloth.

Okie, it's like magic. (I sounds stupid again?)

# The-Faces-Of-We-Are-Tired-Yet-Happy-Shopping

I only bought NG Boxes, a pair of Tangerine ballerina shoe, and chocolates!

# Where-To-Go-Discussion-Group

My mom and the aunt decided to split with us since we have different places to go.

I did not have enough time to laze up the beach or whatsoever.

I even did not contact my cousins that I was on their land!

My cousin boy found out that I WAS in Singapore without meeting up with him,

he was
happyupset and slap me left and right with his words.

"I will definitely meet you next time if I go there, don't la angry at me~" I promise.

Roslyn and Calvin.

Singapore is an ideal place for budget-short-vacation. Definitely will go there again.

People who went there told me that it's a shopping paradise.

I still don't feel that way probably it's because I spent short time there.

The conversion is not too bad and most of us (the Malaysian) can afford to visit the Singaland.

I think despite of the Singaporeans-Follow-The-Laws kind of impression,

most of them quite polite when comes to using the toilet or queue up.

Other than that, most of the girls in the mall are so-damn-fucking-hot-and-sexy!

I know, some perverts out there will shout at me and say :

" You la ugly! Malaysia girls also very cantik, okie! "

Yes, indeed.

You perverts like all those seafoods that easily seen in
Times Square and Sungei Wangsome of the places.

What I meant are the girls with different styles/standards from yours, understand?

My business la what is my standard, right or not? Why you care?

So readers, it's time for me to stop typing,

I'm off to take bath now. Whee!

See you tomorrow? You will see my tomorrow, fullstop.