Greeting from Seremban. It's been awhile my blog had been left behind as yours truly was busy watching all the movies in her list. Within 3 days, I've watched all the latest episodes of my favorite series. Grey's Anatomy, CSI New York and Gossip Girl. I watched "Burlesque", "Devil" and "Cyrus" and finished noming on my junk foods that kept in the kitchen. Maybe this is what we call "leisure time", perhaps?

So alright. Unlike most of you, I did not celebrate my Valentine on 14th Feb this year. Seriously, I think this is rather a convenient way as Mr. Valentine and I were working on that day, I wasn't able to be at home until 9 on that particular day, so I suggested why don't we meet the day before and have a good dinner instead?

The Entrance


Irish Oysters.


Guancette di Wagyu Australiano Cotte Con Fagilio Borlotti E Il Suo Bacon

Can find this from their special menu.

Martini Ai Quattro Cioccolati

Are you done with your photo shooting?

Not yet!


When we were done with the dessert, four different type of chocolate in martini glass, I handed him a gift box. He was shocked because I've warned him that I do not have sufficient time to buy him a Valentine gift and as a replacement, I've made him a handcrafted card, a colorful one, indeed. But I just like to give him a surprise.

Every year I cracked my head to think of what to buy as his Valentine gift. My Valentine is a big boy that love toys and you should check out his Nerf Gun collections and M&M figures. So, this year I decided to get him a camera, a LEGO digital camera.


The bad news is, I've tried to connect this camera to the computer but it seems like the hard-drive of the camera is malfunctioning and no photo is located. I've sent it back to the dealer and hopefully they can replace me a new one. It's indeed the oh-big-flaw of our Valentine. =/

And so, if you would like to dine in with your partner in Nero Vivo, it is advisable that you place a reservation.
3a Jalan Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 2070 3100
Opening Hours : Noon - Midnight (Except Sat) / 6pm - Midnight (Sat)

Nero Vivo is best known as one of the best Italian Restaurant in town that serve authentic Italian cuisines also a wide range of wines. We did not order wine but a glass of Orange Juice. To be frank, I have zero idea about wine, (if you may excuse me,) I ordered a glass of Orange Juice instead.

I reckon that Nero Vivo is one of the recommended restaurants to spend a wonderful evening with your loved one. Check out their special menu of the day too.

Say hi to my daughters, Joker and Penguin :)

Happy Evening readers.


Gambit is my 4th daughter and she is not Alaska-born.

And you are right, it's my daughter's birthday! Describe about her; she is indeed the dumbest daughter among them, she is big but clumsy. She hardly walk properly as she has thick fur under the paw and she tend to 'skate' instead of walking like a four-legged creature. She likes to bite your lips, sometimes french-kiss you. She is friendly and playful; she doesn't bark, she howls.

She was so little the first time I saw her. I got to pick a Alaskan puppy from the cage and I picked her. I have waited for at least 3 months before I bring her home as the breeder advised that she should be with the mother for the first 2 months.

I didn't put her under intensive training as my other daughters did. She doesn't do tricks and she eats a lot. According to the Wikipedia, a Alaskan Malamute can haul to 250KG of weight and I'm not sure if it is true, I never try that before, neither her.

I named her Gambit because I was attracted by the poker player (Gambit) in the movie "Wolverine". Furthermore, Gambit have this unique fur pattern around her eyes which make her looks like a tricky player. Thus, Gambit is her name.

Their favorite : Boston Cheese Cake.

The 3rd daughter, the mummy and the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday to you Gambit!

Give us more, mummy!


It is indeed not an easy job to take care of a Alaskan. First, their thick fur and ohmygod you should have seen what happened during their shedding period. I can make few fur coats out of it. They lost their undercoat all year around due to the warm climate and during this intense period, I need to comb her hair/fur regularly to reduce its shedding. Consider that I don't even comb my hair twice a day but I comb hers twice a week  and it took me about 2 hours to comb, collect the fur, comb again, collect the fur and finally clean the floor before I take my shower.

Believe me, if you are a busy owner, don't ever consider to bring a Alaskan home. I've made my research before I took her home and I take my responsibility to take care of her. A huge fan installed, a big dog house built and bought 30KG of premium dog biscuits because it contains fish oil which give them nutrition for a better coating.

Not forgetting to mention the hiatus of giving her a bath. Get a professional hair dryer or you'll burn all of those caplang hair dryers and you know you'll buy a professional hair dryer eventually, so save your money, go for a better hair dryer and a quality brush/comb just for the Alaskan of yours. And no, I don't use a hair dryer and comb, umm maybe twice a year; occasionally. That is why I can't share a dryer and a comb with her.

PS : Alaskan Malamute is not Syberian Husky, they look alike but they are different breeds.

We love you, Gambit.

Seriously, do you really think all my dogs have weird name? Mumble, Roche, Joker, Gambit and Penguin. Weird meh? I think very unique and cute lo. I named my first pug as Joker because she has a very funny face; my second pug is named as Penguin because she is chubby and cute like the villain character in "Batman" series. Suit them, right?

Hello everyone. the clock is ticking and Valentine's is around the corner. I just finished one of my projects and I'm here to blog before him got back home. Many thoughts in my head and a random thought came across. As what I recently posted in my Facebook status and it says :
 May I know if a girl has the right to list down her birthday-gifts wish list?

Unexpectedly, my girl friends commented that we definitely have the right. In my humble opinion, it's not appropriate for some girls to do so. Partly is because it is possible that nobody give a flying fuck about it just because you are not adorable or glamor. On the other hand what a disgrace if others may start to labeled you as a materialistic girl even if you are not one. Furthermore, you may make others to think that you are taking advantages on people. Disregard if any of your wishes is granted.

I never get hyper thinking of my birthday. To be frank, I didn't celebrate my Big 21st with friends. I never mentioned it to my college mates and all I've done was having a simple yet meaningful dinner with my loved one. Tell me how to react when someone give you a gift. I have difficulties to express my feelings regardless I'm in a happy-feet mode or angry-bird mode. Apart from that, I love to hug people when I'm touched. So many times I hold myself back for not hugging the person standing in front of me or she/he might drop down and dead because of deadly heart attack. I don't look like a bear-hug kind of person, right?

Some people probably thought that the amount of gifts received is equivalent with the level of popularity of hers/his in the community. I prefer to work out things on my own, but this time I decided to go with the flow and now I am going to list down a list. Am not expecting any response but just wanting to follow the trend and see what will happen next. So no worries, as if I know who is reading this.
I don't really know what to list down. I did make some reference from others but found nothing in common. As I mentioned before, I would love to give it a try. Perhaps, I can try with the smallest item?

Lipsticks. Ball pen. earrings. contact lens. nail colors. CDs. Fashionable accessories.

Seriously, I think I'm sucks at it. Undoubtedly, everyone has desire and obviously I am not an exception. I have things in mind but mostly I portrait it as the fruits after my hard works, which mean I can't get it from others but myself. Maybe partially, why not we take a look of the list as below?

I like to collect diaries. Starting every November I will collect stamps for every Venti I drank to redeem a free diary. Aim : Starbucks' Diary 2011.
Lomography is sweet. Frankly speaking, I just started to have interest in photography. I had my first personal camera from him when I was 18; it was a Canon Digital camera. Then the newer version in my possession is Olympus E-PL1. The most current one is Diana F+ Toro Edition. Next aim : Special edition of Lomography camera.
Cute car is love. Watched 'Italian Job' currently and I am deeply fell in love with Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper S is even a bigger love. The car price is throat-cutting but I still can't resist it. Hopefully I can be one of the Mini owners in the future.
Parents are my priority. Just spent a 5-digit in my account and bought them a massage chair. I am happy as long as they are happy. They are everything to me. Now, my dream is to bring them to Bali, Indonesia.
I always wanted a private room. Thus I am aiming a house of my own. Purchased a Double-Storey with him at our age of 21. We've re-furnished all the floors and kitchen and now still working out to make it a complete home.
Leisure time and breakaways with my loved one. I went to three different places within 4 months. Hong Kong Disneyland is love. Spent three nights there and barely catch up the flight back to Malaysia. Next destination : Bangkok, Thailand.
To have a pleasant look. Purchased various makeup products, especially facial care products. Unfortunately have a sensitive skin or I can just buy it from Watson or Guardian. Now I am trying to gain some weight. Maybe anyone of you could sponsor me this?
A website design. I need someone to design a website for me. Especially my blog.
Donald Duck. Finally I am able to buy genuine Donal Duck in Disneyland. It's been my childhood dream and always be. The more Donald Duck soft toys the merrier.
English Series. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, CSI, Gossip Girl, The Simpsons. I don't have any of it but downloaded it from the internet.
Hand-crafted gifts. Sometimes I like to paint and draw. Maybe it's an useful hint.
Letters. I love reading letters, it's more sentimental and touching compared to emails. Anyone want to write one to me? Strictly to hand-writing letters only.
Dinner. Bring me to somewhere new and unique. Just you and me.
Gift vouchers. From the bookstores are even better.

Basically, I don't think this will work out. I don't know why I think I am cautiously pessimistic about "getting gifts from others". Nehhhhh 还是靠自己吧!

PS : Found out that my boyfriend actually bookmarked my blog in his laptop. :(( Nehh...

I thought the final interview is the easiest but I guess I am wrong. Somehow I think I screwed my final interview.

I applied it last December and received the invitation on January 2011. It was my best news back from Indonesia and I felt overwhelmed excited about it. Succeeded candidates will be based in Hong Kong, 3-years contract. How does it sound to you?

My interview was on 23rd January 2010. I woke up early in the morning just to get things prepared. Drove up to Kuala Lumpur with full of hopes and positive mind. The first round interview was held for 4 consecutive days from 22nd to 25th January. The lobby was occupied with thousands candidates, frankly speaking, I can hear my heartbeat crystal clear.

I was assigned to the last group of the first round interview, and also the last person holding the number 14. We were given different topics and everyone was given few minutes to share our opinions. I was rather blank in mind as all the candidates spoke out their opinions before my turns and all I was able to share is totally different points, which meant I need to think outside the box. I was dropped from the Heaven to Hell when the interviewer handed the card to others while I was still waiting for mine inside the room, thought I was going home. But I passed, holy cow! Seriously?!

Second round was rather a harder challenge. We were divided into Team A and Team B. A topic were given and we had only less than 5 minutes to prepare our individual points for a debate. I enjoyed this as I am confidentially shared my points and my team mates commented that I was doing great during the round. And again, I went through hell when the interviewer was handing the card to everyone of us. For those who succeeded, the time and venue for the final interview is stated clearly on the card.

And I succeeded. Unexpectedly, I wasn't as excited as before as I realized what has coming my way. Firstly, even though I was hoping that I can be part of Cathay Pacific but thinking of living apart from the family, I felt a little bit of hesitation inside me.Working abroad, especially in Hong Kong sounds so cool and I am highly expecting for it, but there are too many to count on and many to be considered. If the final decision of the management is made and I am one of them, certainly I am willing to overcome all the obstacles and nurtured positive mind in myself. I can imagine myself wearing the red color uniform with a sweet smile on my face, greet all the people coming my way and live a happier life. I always have happy thoughts and believe me, only ourselves can decide if we are living an unhappy or happy life, don't you think so? Even if I don't get this, I will move on and be who I am today.

After I was interviewed for the final stage, I was supposedly assigned with an appointment but unfortunately the result of my English assessment wasn't out yet and the interviewer was unable to arrange one for me. Now am still waiting for my medical appointment.

PS : To Miss Interviewer, believe me I knew the answer and I have a totally different answer in mind but I don't know why I just stuttered. Paris and Mexico pulled my legs! You know what I mean. *as if she's reading these*

Happy Bunny Year people!

Tell me if I am wrong. I felt that this year the Chinese New Year holiday is too short and most of us barely to have a gathering with all the people we love and care, don't you feel the same way too?

Chinese New Year is my most favorite season festival. Mandarin is my most favorite language, not forgetting to mention that my mother tongue is Mandarin, come before English and Cantonese. Well, I don't really care how do I speak in English and Cantonese and most of the time it does sounds awkward, but who cares.

Every year the Chinese will modified the greeting into awesome greetings that related to the zodiac of year. This year is the 'Bunny Year', one of my favorite greetings is :


which means rapid progress in all aspects of life.

Chinese New Year is all about family reunion. We surely have it every year, this year is not an exception obviously. On 除夕夜, my family and I went to the nearest restaurant for a reunion dinner. I had my first 捞鱼生 of the year with my family. 大家一起拿筷子高高挾起魚生翻攪配料, 经由捞魚生這個动作來象徵越越旺, 同時嘴巴要說吉祥話, 個「風生水起」意味著发大財之意。





The brother and I.

大年初一大家一起来拜年。I stayed at home and waiting for my friends to visit my family. We had few gambling session and I won few bucks before I lost one buck at night. I don't gamble at all but frankly speaking, gambling is one of the best activities during Chinese New Year. We can laugh die when someone lost money to one another and most of the time we chit-chat and we laugh again. This year, I don't have much gambling kaki as I don't invite most of my friends, as I mentioned before, my grandfather departed last year and according to the Chinese tradition, you don't get to celebrate good things within 100 days or 3 years.


Joker Kong and Penguin Chan.

大年初二 : Woke up early in the morning and had breakfast with the family before heading to the temple. My Zodiac is Tiger and according to the fengshui, it is recommended to have a sunbath between 12 and 3. So, I listened to it and had done that in the temple. "I am showered with sunshine". At night, we went for another reunion dinner.

Got an insightful reading from here.





大年初三 : Went to Melacca with Drummer Bee. I've been going there every third day of Chinese New Year to visit Calvin's relatives and I can tell that this tradition will be kept for a very long time because all of them keep themselves free on the special day so that we can have a family gathering. We had a reunion dinner in Kings and I Thai Restaurant. The bill is killing! Let's take a look what we had for the dinner.

My new car *wink*

The mixed fruits yusheng with sliced salmon.

Cold dishes.

Thai style prawns.

Fish with Thai special sauce.

And also few of the dishes that I don't get to snap. It was a whole new experience to have a Chinese New Year reunion dinner in an authentic Thai restaurant and I was truly enjoyed it, despite the bill. I think it was because I underestimated the restaurant. They have a 5 Stars chef in house. I was shocked seriously. So before we headed to the grandma's house, we took a group photo. A small one.


 初四 : I don't get to sleep the day before. I was awake until I came back from the airport at 6 in the morning after sending my father there. Took a short nap and at 10.30 in the morning, I headed up to Fraser Hill with my family and mates. We took an alternative route up to the hill, we avoided all the tolls and traffic jam. Thanks to the almighty GPS.

Outfit of the day to keep me warm.


Time for dinner.

My Cookbook @ Sunway Giza

Appetizer @ RM9.90.

Chicken soup.

Fried Kuey Tiow

Barley Pandan Rice with Rendang Chicken

Prawn Mee

Chicken Rice

Curry Mee

Fried Rice with Fish Fillet

Fried Chicken

Dessert : Coconut Ice Cream.

Frankly speaking, I never been in Sunway Giza. One of my mates suggested to have our dinner there. We were been indecisive until we walked into My Cookbook. They don't really offer a special menu but I have my two thumbs up for the ambiance and art of dishes.

Today is the fifth day of Chinese New Year and most of my mates had gone back to their office. Apparently I still enjoy my holidays in my hometown. I think it's one of the benefits running an online music store as I don't have to work according to normal office hour. The cons is I worked really hard before Chinese New Year and make sure all my clients receive their goods so that I can enjoy a longer season holiday.

So alright. It's time for supper now and I shall end here. Before that,


在此小女祝福大家 : 虎岁扬威,旺兔报喜。祝您新的一年:“兔”飞猛进事业旺,大展宏“兔”前程秀;积“兔”为山家业兴,发奋“兔”强上高楼,新年玉(遇)兔呈祥,动如脱兔健康,事业如兔耳蒸蒸直上!