Buana sera! Can't believe that July is going to end soon, can you? Time passed in a flash and August is coming my way unexpectedly!

July was indeed a month occupied with shitty and unlucky moments. Firstly, my Green Hornet (Which named as Green Turtle by this fella) was tolled to the factory because the gearbox is malfunctioned.


Such a pain in the ass spending time screwing up the boss of the retarded factory. What a shame to admit that I felt I was conned by this retarded old man. I paid for the bill eventually just to save the hiatus of borrowing car from family members.

During the period, I've took the initiative to check out cars in the market. Many had given their suggestions to me and I am sincerely appreciate it. But I reckon that it will take a longer time for me to get a new car soon as many have to be counted in and I decided to check out more cars on my own account.

Secondly, I missed the Chelsea Match because I was down with fever and food poisoning. Such a turn down as my college buddy and I reached the stadium at 4.30pm after a quick hangout in Pavilion but decided to went home at 5.30pm. We had a great time chatting in the car waiting for the gate to open but after a few bites of the Subways we bought, I started to feel dizzy and stomach upset. Although how much I wanted to hold on and watch the match with my buddy, but he decided to make a call off and chased me back to Seremban instead. Our tickets wasted!


On the other hand, July is the luckiest month for all the football lovers out there! Delighted when I received a pair of Arsenal training pass from Henry. Decided to paired up with my sister since it was her first football match/training session and my second in life.

Drove to the McDonald located in Sri Petaling before heading to the Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Nobody can assure that the food prepared by random stalls in the stadium are hygienic and safe to be consumed, no?


Apparently, this is wrong. Outside food and drinks are forbidden but the security gave me a pass instead I think it's because of my cute face. Frankly speaking, I am not a football lover, although I earned my co-curriculum credits from the football club in college, but other than screaming "GOAAAALLL!" I know peanuts about football. Furthermore, I don't have a football maniac as boyfriend so basically I am not brainwashed by any of football addicts. Have not (yet).

And, in case readers haven't realized, I've been flying to different places within 8 months. Label me as tourist, traveler, visitor, explorer or even wannabe, it's just some names that can be interpreted in many different ways but somehow at some point they are the same. To be truth, it is unusual to me that I've been hopping to planes flying to different places in such a short period.

Last September, I had my first Hong Kong trip and spent 2 nights in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel; After a month, spontaneously hopped on the the flight to Sabah and spent a week there with my family; It's been a long time never meet my relatives so decided to tag along with my mom to her hometown in Sumatera last January. While all the Hong Kong magical moments still fresh in my mind, I decided to fly to Hong Kong again for the Lomography Asia Exhibition and Disneyland 5th Year Anniversary Celebration which took place in April. After a month rest, my friends and I took part in the Treasure Hunt organized by Selangor Tourism Board in May.

Many had asked what are the differences between a traveler and a tourist? Generally, a person that join a tour with a tour guide is tourist; while on the other hand, a person that travel on his/her own itinerary is to be labeled as traveler. I humbly think that to be labeled as a traveler or tourist, it's not a necessity to fly to other countries.

photo (2)

For me, the difference between them are the attitudes and mindset. For instance, I joined the treasure hunt hoping to immerse myself into the local culture and ready to approach all with humility and most importantly, without any rigid ideas about what is interesting or not.

Tourist, are most likely to spend more time at the most famous tourist sites with all the routes are set. Traveler, are those who carry huge backpacks and fumble with their maps all the time. We are unlikely to see tourist holding a camera standing at a spot waiting for the best time to capture the best pictures. How to define the person if he/she traveled to a country and spend only 3D/2N or 4D/3N there?

As for me, I would prefer to call myself a tourist-traveler. Most of my personal trips I'm most likely will spend up to a week there before take the flight home. I planned my own itinerary and routes. I spent less time in shopping malls but dig/explore more local delicacies and cultures. I could spend a long time standing in front of a meat stalls and observe how the butcher interacts with customers using their local slang. Apart from that, I also visit to few of the tourist sites as part of my itinerary activities.

A week in a new place is certainly not sufficient. Thus, I flew to Hong Kong for the second time within 7 months, although many had suggested me to choose other destination instead. This coming August, I'll be flying to Sabah and spend a week there but this time I'll be flying there with my sisters. I can tell that this will be a simple tour as I'll be bringing them for snorkeling and explore the local delicacies. Anticipating much!

Morning everyone! It's a blissful Sunday, I like it when most of my friends are free and we can head out to everywhere. Well, before I come out from my room, as promised, these are the photos taken during Japan Super GT 2011. Enjoy peeps!

The Pit Lane.



Beasties and Beauties. You name it.
























The Champion.





Time to head back to Seremban. Adios!