Hot weather is killing me. I'm a person who is not afraid to be under the sun, and kind of liking it but I hate sweating! I felt that my face is melting like a candle, and sweating make me feel I'm a bear. The first thing after a long day under the sun is to wash the "sticky feelings" out from my face immediately.

The most recent activity is MINI PIXELIZED, a charitable event to support TNRM program that organized by my boyfriend and I initially until we formed a team to assist us. On 15th August marks the date where we had the Most Fun and Biggest MINI Gathering in Malaysia. It's not an easy task, trust me. I dare to say nobody would be able to pull this event if without a team of wonderful and capable people!

My boyfriend and I were working like mad, burning the candles at both ends for the past two months. Anyways, our hard works pay off well! That is what matters. 

The afternoon is killing everyone, especially the organising team. We had been working out the event since in the morning until midnight. One of my members was down with heatstroke and some of them started to feel dizzy. All I asked for is a bucket of clean water to wash my face! 

Believe it or not, I don't have a full set of facial treatment. Although I have been getting some products from my mother and sisters, but applying eye cream, facial mist, serum, and so on isn't my thing. Statistically, every girl spend average of 25 minutes for facial routine on daily basis. Even just a 10 minutes could kill me, let it alone 30 minutes. 

Despite my laziness to take care of my skin, I have a pimples-free face! *thank God* Wondering how? Joker the pug will reveal the secret with me!

Which one?

Tadaa! Clean & Clear products! Honestly speaking, I was skeptical about the products at first. I got my first Clean & Clear facial wash when I was 15 after my classmates recommended it to me. 10 years has passed, Clean & Clear? I doubt if it's effective. 

As what my friend said, I look extremely exhausted with an oily face. It's indeed a bad impression to others about me, especially to my clients at work. I got these products about two weeks before the MINI event. It has been following me everywhere. 

Guess what? A 5-minutes facial routine for a Clean & Clear face! 

1. Essentials Foaming Facial Wash

I usually don't apply full makeup when I go to work. Wet my face with pipe water (preferable lukewarm water), use my fingertips and rub my face gently. I don't use wash clothes or sponge because it irritates my skin.

2. Essentials Oil-Control Toner

Facial toner can soak up excessive oil and remove dirt, do not ever skip this. If I'm in rush, I dab the toner on my palm. Otherwise, the proper way is to dab toner onto a cotton ball and apply to your face.

3. Essentials Moisturizer

No matter what you skin type is, always use a moisturizer. Applying moisturizer can be tricky sometimes. Many tell me it's worth investing in a separate eye cream, but nay. This moisturizer is good. Just apply the moisturizer around the eye area, gently and slowly because the skin is tender, you don't want to hurt it. 
Our bare faces!

5-minutes of my facial routine, that's all, Clean & Clear save my days, truthfully speaking, these products are suitable for those who don't have severe skin issues, just like mine. Remember, Step 1 is Cleanse, Step 2 is Tone and Step 3 is Moisture.  Redeem your RM5 off coupon when you play Clean & Clear game here.

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