It's been four years since her "Myself" World Tour Live 2012 in Malaysia. I first heard Jolin's song back in 2006 when "Mr Q" released. The Pop Queen has won many other young fans all over the world with her talents in dancing, music producing and of course, her sweet and humble personalities.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is not only marks the final stop for her "我呸我PLAY! World Tour", in fact, also the first outdoor performance of the entirety of the PLAY World Tour.

It's been awhile.

Bumped into few friends and we all are excited about this 'blast for the past'. We are so ready to sing along, although we all have different seating, but nothing gonna stop us from enjoying the show, haha!

Heavy downpour since the evening, but guess what?

A sea of pink.

With over 11,000 fans, armed with "PLAY" glow sticks flooded into the stadium! Everyone was anticipating for Jolin. When the show opened, Diva Jolin appeared on stage adorned with a magnificent Medusa-inspired headpiece, the crowd went wild!


During the third number, she had a big stumble due to the slippery floor after a downpour. I was expecting she might stop the show awhile, but in spite of that, she stood up immediately, cracked a smile and continued on unfazed. I wasn't expecting anything serious caused by the stumble, but it was over the local news in Taiwan the next day. She had bruises over her arms and sprained her ankles. Her fans was amazed with her pain tolerance, her explanation was she was moved with her fans in Kuala Lumpur and enjoyed herself to the max during the tour, the pain didn't bothering her at all!

The Diva.

I felt a rush of nostalgia when she sings “天空”,“看我72变”,“爱情36计”,“布拉格广场” 。To me, the highlight of the night was when she surprise her fans with an amazing love song - “小情歌” orginally by Sodagreen, another talented Taiwanese band.

The ever-professional and talented Chinese pop invasion.

Jolin Tsai also made the graceful gesture of thanking her musicians, backup singers, and dancers. As she introduced us to the dance team, she passed the mic to Travis Payne and Stacey Walker, giving them the opportunity to greet and thank the crowd personally. She also shared her appreciation towards her fans who waited her at the hotel, introduced the local delicacies that made her fall in love to.

Sentimental songs coming your way.

Jolin continues awestruck her audience with her incredible vocal and energetic dance moves. She is indeed a superb lady continuously improving herself in many fields, mainly in singing and fashion, on top of that, she is a talented baker too! She's not only managing her career well, her love life is nothing less than that. Jolin's boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, or famously known as 锦荣, was reported that he was in Kuala Lumpur with the touring team! Aww, what a lovey-dovey couple! They have been together for 6 years, initially when the news broke, many were unpleasant with it. But hey, 6 years already, people are getting stronger together! 

The Doll-alike Jolin.

Jolin Tsai concludes her final stop of Play World Tour with her hit song “PLAY我呸PLAY”。Jolin Tsai has definitely delivered an awesome and eye-opening performance to all her fans, I'm glad that I was there, thanks IMC Live Group for giving me the opportunity.

Jolin Tsai’s concert in Malaysia is also supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.

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