I love having dinner in TGIF.

Our dinners. ;)


Jack Daniel's Chicken

"Two juicy chicken breasts brasted in a sweet, savory glaze. Served with seasonal vegetables, chedder cheese mashed potato and our orginal Jack Daniel's® sauce. "

Blacked Chicken Alfredo

"Rich, creamy fettuccine alfredo, topped with a New Orleans-style blackening chicken breast, fresh tomatoes and green onions."

Finish off your meal with one of our mini delights!

Choose Three RM 9.90 ++

Chocolate Oreo® Mint Crunch

"Irresistible velvety, chocolate-mint custard covered with crunchy Oreo® cookie crumbles."

Strawberry Parfait

"Delectable, cream and vanilla custard crowned with a juicy fresh strawberry."

Mocha Latte

"Luscious mocha custard topped with freah whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder."



Have a nice day, fellas. Regards.