Happy TGIF everyone! About two weeks ago, I spent my weekend in Universal Studios Singapore, I'm very happy, can? In case you weren't aware, it was my birthday and the boyfriend booked a short trip for both of us as a surprise birthday gift from him!

the happy face!

Took this cute photo in VivoCity, also the same venue where I visited Temasek Polytechnic Visual Communication Design Fair. The artworks impressed me and I immediately checked out the webpage when I was back from Singapore. Unfortunately, they don't offer Bachelor and Master Degree.

And oh, bought a super cute luggage tag from there too! Can't reveal it now cause I can't find a place to tag it wtf.  Probably getting a new hand luggage for that? So anyways.

Universal Studios Singapore basically consists of 7 themed main attractions. Other than New York. Sci-Fi City, Madasgascar, Hollywood, Far Far Away and The Lost World, they also have Ancient Egypt. "The Mummy, The Mummy Return..." Does this ring a bell for you?


Every statue look similar to me. I wasn't a big fan of Egypt until the boyfriend shocked me with his knowledge of those Egyptian God stories. He told me this Anubis is the God of Dead and is presumably to believe that it/he was somehow joined/involved in the burial of Pharoah. I don't really can recall the whole story, the story was interesting but hey I was waiting in line for the ride, my heart was beating fast so I couldn't pay much attention on the story.


That was us before the ride. One of the attraction in Ancient Egypt is Revenge of The Mummy. It is an indoor roller coaster. Keep all your stuff into the lockers provided before entering the Egypt tomb. Sincerely speaking, don't underestimate indoor roller coaster. It stills rock my socks real hard, probably your socks too! It was dark in there and you couldn't have clear view of where is your ride heading to. It could be a sudden drop and big turn!


I took the ride twice. For the second time, it still scared the hell out of me. My legs were shaken when I was walking out from the ride. Unlike other rides, this specific ride has a sudden reverse and 180 degree turn! #quote from my friend, Yintse, it's a cooling ride.

Super yummy and spicy!

There are about 30 restaurants and food carts in Universal Studios Singapore, you may choose from a wide variety of different cuisines. I went to every single restaurant, and finally decided to have my lunch in Ancient Egypt, a restaurant named Oasis Spice Cafe. This certified Halal restaurant serves specialties flavored with Medditerranean, Turkish and more. The meal set as shown above costs about SGD11. It was super delicious!

At night. It was a Friday night, highlight of the day is fireworks! 

Statues of Ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh's tombs.

Before the firework starts, we decided to use the Universal Express Pass we had.


And we used it on Transformers The Ultimate Ride!


After the ride, we rushed to Mel's Drive In for firework show that was gonna happen in a minute later!

Mel's Drive In Restaurant.

I wasn't in the mood to re-setting the camera. Unlike the perfect firework shots I had in Disneyland, this time I used multiple shots instead, and it turned out shitty shots. Lesson learned.

This is consider the good shot among all of 'em.

A blurry shot.

The final shot.

Everyone was rushing to the entrance after the show. Boyfriend and I chose to take a slow walk along Hollywood Boulevard.


The old school vending machine for newspaper.


Merchandise shops close at 10 sharp. You may proceed to the ticketing booth outside the park because they have mini shops! Shopping all day long!


Good bye Universal Studios Singapore! 


PS : Heard that iPad 3 is released today in Malaysia!

P8311979 All the photos are taken using an Olympus EPL-1. Passionate in lomography and traveling. Appreciate your supports and thank you for reading this post, kindly leave footprints at my facebook page. Roslyn Kong at Instagr.am. Let me hear from you on Twitter too at @roslynkong!!
I have been watching this trailer for countless times and anticipating for its release date! Thankfully to Nuffnang, they are giving away 55 pairs of invitation to their Glitterati Bloggers! #havemyfingerscrossedthatitstillnottolatetosubmit

What superhero would you be if you could create a new member for the Avenger's team and how would you save the world?

I would be a female ninja and named myself the AMBUSHER. #megusta

I will certainly put more clothes on.

It's undeniably that being a ninja is one of the coolest thing in this world! Unlike others Avenger members with their super power, I am specially trained with real ultimate combat ability and assassination skills! I'm skinny, fast, and silent! Well, most of the members in Avenger's team are huge in size and loud! They certainly need someone like me. #facts

Differently from Japanese ninjas, I will definitely equipped myself with :

- High technology deadly weapons specially made by Stark! It's important that I want to make sure there is not replica nor duplicated weapons of mine!

- I would probably request the company to create a titanium face mask that has high durability of acid attack;

Certainly not Transformer mask if you're wondering.

Color is not the issue!

- a fashionable sword which can be my hairband when it is not used as a weapon.

- Other than that, I would need an invisible skin which is in liquid form and directly applied to my skin. Not forgetting to mention shampoo to cover the color of my hair as I have #rainbowcolor now.

I may not the best Avenger, nevertheless, considering myself is a careful person and always have the tendency to do things accurately and precisely, the Avenger's team may need me to blend into certain groups or companies, so that I could perform assassination and spying! In this certain cases, I will learn multiple language, including animal language!

Last but not least, I will also learn robotics and medical science! There is a high chance that I am not at the front line saving the earth, just in case anything happen to SHIELD, I could be their backup plan! Anything happen to the weapons or any injuries, they can always count on me!

So, welcome the Ambusher, people! Don't underestimate my determination in saving our world!

Anyway, sincerely speaking, I really do hope Lady Luck/Fortuna/Goddess of Fortune is with me! I've been anticipating for this movie ever since the trailer is released! Nuffnang, pick me #prettyplease?

For those who haven't check out the trailer (OMG you're seriously outdated and sorry if I am too straight forward)  This is the one of the must-watch movies of 2012! So click on the video below!

P8311979 All the photos are taken using an Olympus EPL-1. Passionate in lomography and traveling. Appreciate your supports and thank you for reading this post, kindly leave footprints at my facebook page. Roslyn Kong at Instagr.am. Let me hear from you on Twitter too at @roslynkong!!
Mission accomplished!

A reminder to myself : I should gain more weight! Look at the pathetic chopstick legs! Anyways, few people in the park asked where did I got my shoes from. Yes, it's a very #cute #polkadots #shoes. In case you're wondering, I got it during my vacation to Hong Kong, forgotten if it was during the first time or second time. It's Reebok, by the way.

So, this is Hollywood Street.


Redeemed a birthday badge from Guest Services Lobby. All you need to do is to show your passport for clarification. There was only one design so that's all I got! I redeemed the badge during the second day. We totally forgot about it during our first day there! Luckily we are allowed to redeem it as we both bought the two-day passes.

The birthday girl happy with her special privileges card!


10% off discount card!

Gonna redeem my free popcorn!

Frankly speaking, I feel #grumpy. I was merely greeted by the members in Universal Studios Singapore. One of the members asked if it was my birthday, nothing could be worse than that wtf. Unlike Disneyland, they wishes you if you have a birthday badge, disregards if it's your birthday or not!

So, whatever.

Dim Sum anyone?

Kungfu Panda!

Pose failed.

I wondering if they only have one Marilyn Monroe. I saw 'her' few times and she looks the same all the time. Do they have Marilyn Monroe No. 2 if Marilyn Monroe No. 1 couldn't perform at work. #justwondering

Welcome to the Kingdom of Far Far Away.

Princess Fiona, are you there?

Welcome to my kingdom, it's too far far away.

The Enchanted Airways! This is an open-air junior roller coaster, should try this ride because it rocks my socks scares the hell out of me!

The D380.

Universal Studios most likely a Disneyland replica, or vice versa. This attraction is similar to Disneyland Philharmonic Magic 4D, but admittedly Shrek 4-D Adventure is a better ride. You got to believe me in this!

My lover.

Before we are seated in the hall, there was a play.

Friends of Shrek trapped inside the cages.

Mirror Mirror on the wall.

The drama was quite boring and time wasting. But you got to watch it before you start the adventure with Shrek and Donkey!

The hall.

I've chose the middle seat, middle row. It doesn't really matter as it is a 4D adventure, you have a 3D glasses so it looks the same from every view.

Ready for the show, people!

Shrek 4-D Adventure has motion seats! When the horses are running, tjhe seat is literally jumping off from the ground. And when the spiders are all over the floor, you'll feel it! I think the row we sat are overloaded thus our seats were all motionless, our seats stopped moving during half of the show.

Seriously, weather in Singapore was burning hot! Note that all the drinks in the park costs at least SGD2.00 per refill (if you have their special tumbler). During the first day, it costs me more than SGD15 just for some cooling drinks. I've learned my lesson and me being a 'calculative person', I actually bought a bottle of Pepsi and 7-up from 7-11, all together only costs me SGD2.50 from 7-11. Put it in my backpack, filled my tumbler with the drinks and asked the members to put some ice in it. Not forgetting to mention that I brought along two bottles of mineral water given by the hotel.

We happily sipping on the drinks we brought and saved some money for steamboat buffet dinner during the night. #megusta

In front of the castle.

Thumbs up for Shrek 4D!

Yes, it's Sci-Fi City. Have you check this out?

Sci-Fi City

P8311979 All the photos are taken using an Olympus EPL-1. Passionate in lomography and traveling. Appreciate your supports and thank you for reading this post, kindly leave footprints at my facebook page. Roslyn Kong at Instagr.am. Let me hear from you on Twitter too at @roslynkong!!
The Lost World, Universal Studios Singapore

So, tell me who haven't watched Jurassic Park? Have anyone told you that Jurassic Park is one of the best movies of the century? You should know by now because it's a #fact. When I was a kid, I often think how to survive if I were caught up with dinosaurs, in the kitchen or in the car. Dinosaurs are scary and brutal because they eat human.That was the impact after watching the movie several times, for me they are real and thought dinosaurs are living somewhere!

You're so tiny, tiny human!

That tiny human, is me sipping on Pepsi from a funny shaped tumbler.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

Burning hot! The rain didn't cool down the heat at all. We had severe dehydration, sunblock isn't applied because I dislike the smell of swimming pool, I don't know why it makes me feel that. If you noticed, I always had a funny shaped tumbler hanging on my neck, that was the green portion I mentioned in Instagram. Got it at SGD19.90 from one of the merchandise shops.

The sun is killing him.

The Lost World is located after Ancient Egypt. No shaded aisle built from Ancient Egypt to The Lost World so you need to walk under the hot sun. I would suggest you to bring an umbrella, or better yet, a baseball cap. If you have none, find an air-conditioned place to cool down yourself. Like we did, we went to Jurassic Outfitters where you can find T-shirts, tumblers, soft toys and etc.

It's cooling here.

Did not find any interesting Jurassic-Park-themed merchandise. To me, the T-shirts are plain in design as well as the key-chains. Anyways, you may find something you like here or from the Dino Store!


We didn't ride the Canopy Flyer. It is similar to roller coaster ride designated for family with small kids. Without high speed accelerations and sudden drop definitely make it a less interesting ride. Rock climbing under the sun might caused dizziness and dehydration, so we gave it a pass too.


Smoking in public is prohibited in the park. For smokers, you may find smoking rooms near the Transformers the ride (Sci-Fi City), Oasis Spice Cafe (Ancient Egypt) and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (The Lost World).

A non-smoking area.

If Middle-Eastern meals aren't your type, you can find western fast food such as sausages and burgers at Fossil Fuels or local delicacies at Discovery Food Court in Jurassic Park! There are also plenty choices of snack in the park such as nancho n' cheese and garlic rings!

Forgot about the price. If not mistaken, it's about SGD5 per pack.

Additionally, you can always find bottle/can drinks or ice-blended from the convenient carts as below.

Soft drinks, anyone?

And now, let me show you the best ride in The Lost World, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure!


The queue is consider long. The waiting time is about 30 to 40 minutes. There was once the waiting time is one and a half hour! It's a family ride thus for those who didn't queue up for Battle Galactica or Transformers The Ride, they probably all here for the ride!

Yes, you will definitely get wet!

You may keep your stuff in a locker that provided outside this attraction. Locker is free of charge for the first 30 minutes and will be charges accordingly after the period. If I'm not mistaken, the charge is SGD20 for a full-day locker service. Getting a water-resistant bag is advisable, like how we did. Keep all your stuff inside the bag without worrying the water splash!

SGD3 for each.

All in white. I got mine from a convenient store in Bangkok and it only cost me 70 cents. I used it for few times before ditched it to a trash bin.

Ready to get wet?

Each of the ride fit 9 people. We shared a ride with a big family of 6 people, total 8 of us.

The floor is slippery.

This is the exit point. You will experience a drop here and when you are finally out from the building,

We survived!

This kids will shoot at you with water. (Spot the lunchbox the father is holding? I got two of that!)

Fire in the hole!

This ride is not as scary as I expected. There is a point where your ride rises from the ground and I thought we will experience a fearful sudden drop, I grabbed the handler so tight and you can see from the candid photo (I bought the photo anyways) that I WAS SUPER SCARED AND DUMB LOOKING.#facepalm

I will survive no matter what!

My boyfriend was soaked! He was worrying about his hair and when he saw this dry-pod, he immediately pay SGD5 and dry himself inside there. #doublefacepalm

My wax!

The Lost World isn't specifically about Jurassic Park, the other part of The Lost World is Water World. You will not find any ride but be hold! You will witness the explosions and stunts that will truly amazed you from the stunning water live show!

Beforehand,  choose your preference. The seats are divided into three zones, Blue Zone, Green Zone and Dry Zone. Blue Zone is the nearest zone to the stage which mean you probably soaking wet during end of the show! For the Green Zone, you will get slightly wet depending on which part you're sitting. And for the Dry Zone, you may sit behind the fence.

The entrance

Before I blog more about it, I would like to emphasize that I went to this show for three times. During the first time, the show was half way canceled due to technical issue and weather condition. Second time, the show was canceled due to unforeseen issues, and finally for the third time, we got to watch the whole show at 7pm!

This was the time where the show was delayed.

The stage.

There was interaction session with the audience before the show starts. It was like an ice-breaking session where the stuntmen will ask the audience to cheer and if they don't, the stuntmen will splash the water to targeted audience.

One of the stuntmen.

They don't actually target on female. Especially lady with full make up and dressed up. If you are sitting with a bunch of kids or teenagers, you might be getting wet!

Like this!

The show starts after 10 minutes of the interaction session.



Explosion explosion!

End of the show.

The stuntmen.

The princess and funny General!

the aftermath.

After the show, the boyfriend urged me to take the Cylon ride. I refused because just by the look of it, it already chicken me out! Although he always challenge me to do #scary things, but I still love him lah.

Yours truly on a surf board!

Alright, he wins.

I told you that dinosaurs eat people!

P8311979 All the photos are taken using an Olympus EPL-1. Passionate in lomography and traveling. Appreciate your supports and thank you for reading this post, kindly leave footprints at my facebook page. Roslyn Kong at Instagr.am. Let me hear from you on Twitter too at @roslynkong!!