Mission accomplished!

A reminder to myself : I should gain more weight! Look at the pathetic chopstick legs! Anyways, few people in the park asked where did I got my shoes from. Yes, it's a very #cute #polkadots #shoes. In case you're wondering, I got it during my vacation to Hong Kong, forgotten if it was during the first time or second time. It's Reebok, by the way.

So, this is Hollywood Street.


Redeemed a birthday badge from Guest Services Lobby. All you need to do is to show your passport for clarification. There was only one design so that's all I got! I redeemed the badge during the second day. We totally forgot about it during our first day there! Luckily we are allowed to redeem it as we both bought the two-day passes.

The birthday girl happy with her special privileges card!


10% off discount card!

Gonna redeem my free popcorn!

Frankly speaking, I feel #grumpy. I was merely greeted by the members in Universal Studios Singapore. One of the members asked if it was my birthday, nothing could be worse than that wtf. Unlike Disneyland, they wishes you if you have a birthday badge, disregards if it's your birthday or not!

So, whatever.

Dim Sum anyone?

Kungfu Panda!

Pose failed.

I wondering if they only have one Marilyn Monroe. I saw 'her' few times and she looks the same all the time. Do they have Marilyn Monroe No. 2 if Marilyn Monroe No. 1 couldn't perform at work. #justwondering

Welcome to the Kingdom of Far Far Away.

Princess Fiona, are you there?

Welcome to my kingdom, it's too far far away.

The Enchanted Airways! This is an open-air junior roller coaster, should try this ride because it rocks my socks scares the hell out of me!

The D380.

Universal Studios most likely a Disneyland replica, or vice versa. This attraction is similar to Disneyland Philharmonic Magic 4D, but admittedly Shrek 4-D Adventure is a better ride. You got to believe me in this!

My lover.

Before we are seated in the hall, there was a play.

Friends of Shrek trapped inside the cages.

Mirror Mirror on the wall.

The drama was quite boring and time wasting. But you got to watch it before you start the adventure with Shrek and Donkey!

The hall.

I've chose the middle seat, middle row. It doesn't really matter as it is a 4D adventure, you have a 3D glasses so it looks the same from every view.

Ready for the show, people!

Shrek 4-D Adventure has motion seats! When the horses are running, tjhe seat is literally jumping off from the ground. And when the spiders are all over the floor, you'll feel it! I think the row we sat are overloaded thus our seats were all motionless, our seats stopped moving during half of the show.

Seriously, weather in Singapore was burning hot! Note that all the drinks in the park costs at least SGD2.00 per refill (if you have their special tumbler). During the first day, it costs me more than SGD15 just for some cooling drinks. I've learned my lesson and me being a 'calculative person', I actually bought a bottle of Pepsi and 7-up from 7-11, all together only costs me SGD2.50 from 7-11. Put it in my backpack, filled my tumbler with the drinks and asked the members to put some ice in it. Not forgetting to mention that I brought along two bottles of mineral water given by the hotel.

We happily sipping on the drinks we brought and saved some money for steamboat buffet dinner during the night. #megusta

In front of the castle.

Thumbs up for Shrek 4D!

Yes, it's Sci-Fi City. Have you check this out?

Sci-Fi City

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