I have been watching this trailer for countless times and anticipating for its release date! Thankfully to Nuffnang, they are giving away 55 pairs of invitation to their Glitterati Bloggers! #havemyfingerscrossedthatitstillnottolatetosubmit

What superhero would you be if you could create a new member for the Avenger's team and how would you save the world?

I would be a female ninja and named myself the AMBUSHER. #megusta

I will certainly put more clothes on.

It's undeniably that being a ninja is one of the coolest thing in this world! Unlike others Avenger members with their super power, I am specially trained with real ultimate combat ability and assassination skills! I'm skinny, fast, and silent! Well, most of the members in Avenger's team are huge in size and loud! They certainly need someone like me. #facts

Differently from Japanese ninjas, I will definitely equipped myself with :

- High technology deadly weapons specially made by Stark! It's important that I want to make sure there is not replica nor duplicated weapons of mine!

- I would probably request the company to create a titanium face mask that has high durability of acid attack;

Certainly not Transformer mask if you're wondering.

Color is not the issue!

- a fashionable sword which can be my hairband when it is not used as a weapon.

- Other than that, I would need an invisible skin which is in liquid form and directly applied to my skin. Not forgetting to mention shampoo to cover the color of my hair as I have #rainbowcolor now.

I may not the best Avenger, nevertheless, considering myself is a careful person and always have the tendency to do things accurately and precisely, the Avenger's team may need me to blend into certain groups or companies, so that I could perform assassination and spying! In this certain cases, I will learn multiple language, including animal language!

Last but not least, I will also learn robotics and medical science! There is a high chance that I am not at the front line saving the earth, just in case anything happen to SHIELD, I could be their backup plan! Anything happen to the weapons or any injuries, they can always count on me!

So, welcome the Ambusher, people! Don't underestimate my determination in saving our world!

Anyway, sincerely speaking, I really do hope Lady Luck/Fortuna/Goddess of Fortune is with me! I've been anticipating for this movie ever since the trailer is released! Nuffnang, pick me #prettyplease?

For those who haven't check out the trailer (OMG you're seriously outdated and sorry if I am too straight forward)  This is the one of the must-watch movies of 2012! So click on the video below!

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