Happy TGIF everyone! About two weeks ago, I spent my weekend in Universal Studios Singapore, I'm very happy, can? In case you weren't aware, it was my birthday and the boyfriend booked a short trip for both of us as a surprise birthday gift from him!

the happy face!

Took this cute photo in VivoCity, also the same venue where I visited Temasek Polytechnic Visual Communication Design Fair. The artworks impressed me and I immediately checked out the webpage when I was back from Singapore. Unfortunately, they don't offer Bachelor and Master Degree.

And oh, bought a super cute luggage tag from there too! Can't reveal it now cause I can't find a place to tag it wtf.  Probably getting a new hand luggage for that? So anyways.

Universal Studios Singapore basically consists of 7 themed main attractions. Other than New York. Sci-Fi City, Madasgascar, Hollywood, Far Far Away and The Lost World, they also have Ancient Egypt. "The Mummy, The Mummy Return..." Does this ring a bell for you?


Every statue look similar to me. I wasn't a big fan of Egypt until the boyfriend shocked me with his knowledge of those Egyptian God stories. He told me this Anubis is the God of Dead and is presumably to believe that it/he was somehow joined/involved in the burial of Pharoah. I don't really can recall the whole story, the story was interesting but hey I was waiting in line for the ride, my heart was beating fast so I couldn't pay much attention on the story.


That was us before the ride. One of the attraction in Ancient Egypt is Revenge of The Mummy. It is an indoor roller coaster. Keep all your stuff into the lockers provided before entering the Egypt tomb. Sincerely speaking, don't underestimate indoor roller coaster. It stills rock my socks real hard, probably your socks too! It was dark in there and you couldn't have clear view of where is your ride heading to. It could be a sudden drop and big turn!


I took the ride twice. For the second time, it still scared the hell out of me. My legs were shaken when I was walking out from the ride. Unlike other rides, this specific ride has a sudden reverse and 180 degree turn! #quote from my friend, Yintse, it's a cooling ride.

Super yummy and spicy!

There are about 30 restaurants and food carts in Universal Studios Singapore, you may choose from a wide variety of different cuisines. I went to every single restaurant, and finally decided to have my lunch in Ancient Egypt, a restaurant named Oasis Spice Cafe. This certified Halal restaurant serves specialties flavored with Medditerranean, Turkish and more. The meal set as shown above costs about SGD11. It was super delicious!

At night. It was a Friday night, highlight of the day is fireworks! 

Statues of Ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh's tombs.

Before the firework starts, we decided to use the Universal Express Pass we had.


And we used it on Transformers The Ultimate Ride!


After the ride, we rushed to Mel's Drive In for firework show that was gonna happen in a minute later!

Mel's Drive In Restaurant.

I wasn't in the mood to re-setting the camera. Unlike the perfect firework shots I had in Disneyland, this time I used multiple shots instead, and it turned out shitty shots. Lesson learned.

This is consider the good shot among all of 'em.

A blurry shot.

The final shot.

Everyone was rushing to the entrance after the show. Boyfriend and I chose to take a slow walk along Hollywood Boulevard.


The old school vending machine for newspaper.


Merchandise shops close at 10 sharp. You may proceed to the ticketing booth outside the park because they have mini shops! Shopping all day long!


Good bye Universal Studios Singapore! 


PS : Heard that iPad 3 is released today in Malaysia!

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