Kenny G (Kenneth Bruce Gorelick) is not only the most astounding, outstanding, extraordinary and talent Saxophonist, this man himself is a phenomena! #obamaface.jpg

From my parents' generation, Kenny G music is well-known among all the people from different background. His music is repeatedly play in almost all the hotels and lounges, frankly speaking, it would be awkward and is unforgiven if these places play random mix-tapes instead of Kenny G's!

For those who mistaken Kenny G as an old fashioned musician, you are totally deserve to be kicked in the teeth. Check out the video below. (scroll to 3:53)

It's Katy Perry for god's sake! There is also a hearsay that Foster Of People wanted to have collaboration with Kenny G as well! Who doesn't know Katy Perry and Foster Of People? Your idols adore Kenny G so much that they would put so much efforts in getting Kenny G to collaborate with them!

Technically, saxophonist doesn't just breathe in breathe out into the piece of metal. It takes trillion times of practice session and endless efforts to keep every notes fine-tuned, soothing and calm. It amazed me when Kenny G performed every intonation perfectly. I was once considered of taking saxophone class. Have a friend who play saxophone for living, he frankly advised me not to as I have difficulties in projecting sufficient airflow from the diaphragm due to me body size. #youkidmenot

Well, don't judge a book by its cover. To be specific, many probably think that Kenny G is nothing more than just a talented saxophonist because of his hairstyle and low profile. To me, HE IS SEXY AND INDEED A GOOD LOOKING PERSON!

So this is Kenny G.

And, this is Jason Statham.

SEE THAT? THEY LOOK ALIKE! Maybe different eye colors. And one with hair one without.

Anyway, put that aside. I saw an advertisement from a newspaper about Kenny G is having a concert. Details are stated as below:

Date: 19 May 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting

My parents must be overly thrilled that they could have heart attack if I get a pair of tickets for them! I immediately checked out the website. (Thinking of the lovely couple having good time together makes me happy as well) Unfortunately, the tickets are sold out. #lightingstrike

The solid proof, here is.

Not Available = sorry dude you can go home eat banana.

Alternatively, I may register to a membership scheme and PROBABLY get to purchase one PS4 ticket. #areyoukidding

Considering what is the odd so I was kind of upset. Unless this membership scheme allowed one ticket per three person entry! *fliptable*

I am a strong believer in "There's A Will, There's A Way". I want a pair of tickets so badly that I actually went to Genting last Friday hoping they have few tickets left. I went to the ticketing counter several times just to check out if the staff may have kept few tickets for personal purposes. Did I get any ticket? NEGATIVE. #shatteredface

Damn I was so close to it! 2 hours of leisure time with Kenny G, mesmerized by his wonderful tunes and family time with my parents. Nothing is going to happen now. Fullstops. #wipetears

 Dear Kenny, why you do this to me? T.T

For the past few days, I had been dwelling on the fact that I am a bad person for not getting my parents the tickets, until...

On Saturday, received a notification email from Nuffang regarding the concert. OMG, can you believe it how lucky I am? Right now, thanks to Nuffnang and Resort World Genting, they generously giving away 5 pairs of Kenny G Heart & Soul Concert that is happening on the coming Saturday!

(This is why bloggers are encouraged to join Nuffnang community because they always bring awesomely, unbeatable offers/prizes to you!)

Well, I haven't get tickets from Nuffnang nor Resort World Genting as the five pairs of ticket are only given to the best 5 blog entries! #pickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickme

I'm waiting for a sign, and THIS IS IT. May the Goddess of Fortune stand by me. Nuffnang, please marry me be my Lady Luck. #kneeldown

PS : Good luck to other bloggers whom wishing to get a pair of tickets too! Hope to see you guys there!

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