Hey folks! Before I update my blog for Kenny G Heart & Soul Concert in Genting, here is the post on my last Friday. How was yours, anyway? In case anyone of you are concerning, my eye is getting better, I bet nobody could tell which eye was injured based on the photo below. #WIN.

I constantly apply the eye liquid, thou the doctor advised me to apply it twice a day. My eyes are free from contact lens since last Sunday, surprisingly I get better visual ever since.

Hey mates!

About two weeks ago, there was a funny contest going on Twitter by @thestar_rage. The contest was to tell jokes based on certain topics posted by them. The three topics were Malaysian, Singaporean and Female Driver.

My first joke: Malaysian tend not to pay for parking meter. Even getting the summon, they ignored it.

My second joke: Compared to local teenagers, more SG teenagers don't know how to drive drive just because they don't own a car at home.

Another second joke: Most Singaporean are originally from Malaysia, I don't know why they just think they're special.

My third joke: female drivers are the most aggressive road users! They know everyone will give way to ladies.

Three winners will be selected for this contest. My second-second joke was picked up by @chihohoho as one of the winners! I won a pair of tickets to #PJLaughFest2012!


Regardless what kind of tickets I'm getting, I insisted to go for this event as I really, seriously, desperately need a good laugh! Due to my eye injury, I stayed at home more than 3 days without going anywhere, let it alone watching downloaded movies as I hardly blink my eyes! #truestory

As shown in the photo above, there was an advertisement-filming going on in front of Ultimate Music, Jalan Imbi. The boyfriend and I were there to pick up some drum accessories before heading to Jaya One. The guy whom in black shirt was trying to stop me from taking picture. Buy hey, my camera was faster, and it's in a freaking public area. So freaking mysterious then find a garage to film it, otherwise do it like The Viral Factor, blocked all the roads and cover the scene with huge black clothes or whatever. 

Few car accidents happened down the road caused massive traffic jam. Despite all that, It only took us about 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Jaya One. The boyfriend didn't take the emergency lane so I have no idea how we actually managed to reach there earlier, just enough time to have a light dinner before the show.

PJ Laugh Fest!

Collected our tickets at the Box Office located at the second floor. The boyfriend's brother tagged along, unfortunately, all the tickets sold out! Anyway, we were given special discounts at certain restaurants/bistros, among all the choices, we decided to head to Art Mansion Bistro, also located in Jaya One.

The Menu.

Special discounts for ticket purchaser.

The Chan Brother.

The tickets I won!

One ticket for one dinner set. We ordered two pre-show dinners. The boyfriend had tea time session before so the brother and I get to order our favorites! 

The super tasteful Soup of The Day.

Hanging artworks behind me.

Cost RM15++ per dinner set, super cheap! There were several different main course to choose from, you get to order pizzas and pastas. I'm a big fan of pasta, I made order for both of us.

Fettuccini Beef Bacon Cabonara.

Seafood Aglio Olio

The Fettuccini Beef Bacan Cabonara was so tempted and ended up we shared both. Requested an empty plate and put some of it for the boyfriend since it was just a light dinner for three of us. I personally preferred the Cabonara. The Aglio Olio was kind of spicy to me as my spiciness-tolerance is not up to standard if you know what I mean.

It was 15 minutes before the show starts, the younger brother decided to hangout somewhere while we were ready to enter the theater. 

Yours truly.

The hall is almost full 20 minutes before. The show got a bit delayed anyway.

Beyond my expectation, I got the middle seats! What a lucky person I am. I really appreciate the good seating assigned by them, unlike other organizers who gave free tickets, they sometimes put you at the front row or the last row, either one, you will never get the good view of it. But this time, Mine were C12 and C13, second row from the stage! 


The man of the show!

Andrew Netto "Inked and Approved"

The opening act of the night, a stand up comedian from Singapore. I couldn't find her name from the internet, if I'm not mistaken her name is Shahrul, I am not joking, it's her name!

Cracking some married Indian women jokes.

Frankly speaking, I didn't know who is Andrew Netto before the show. For those who haven't watch him LIVE, watch this video. (There are few white men but you just focus on the Indian guy who cracked jokes about he met a Malaysian in a club named Ruby Room in Perth, he is the one.)


He is definitely 300% funnier than what shown in the video!!! I almost get muscle tear from the laughing throughout the night! He is so damn good in cracking jokes especially on everything related to Malaysia! Can't stop laughing during the show! He made jokes from his own childhood, clubbing moments, relatives, and even Tamil movies!

Honestly speaking, this is the second time I went to a comedian show. The first time was about 2 years ago, The Comedy Club at Zouk, I was given a pair of tickets courtesy of TimeOut KL and I went with the boyfriend. 

There were a line up of comedians from different countries. Our favorite comedian was the Indian guy. Such a coincidence that the Indian guy in The Comedy Club is Andrew Netto! Our most favorite joke of his is :

If Air Asia is running a hospital, the tagline would be "Now Everyone Can Die". Imagine that, you must put in 50 cent coins for oxygen mask and if you are running out of coins, you know what will happen.

What a super funny tickle! This is not ALL THAT. I obviously can't crack jokes like they do, please get a ticket and reward yourself a great laugh night! I guaranteed you that you won't regret it! You probably going to tell me that Russell Peters is better. But heyy! Russell Peters' jokes can be easily found from the internet, Youtube and etc. #Geddit ?

After the show,

She's good in cracking jokes too!

Ladies, you may bump into him if you're a Zouk clubber. #insiderjokes

Andrew Netto!

Although Andrew Netto "Inked and Approved" has ended, fret not! Check out PJ Live Arts for more details on #PJLaughFest2012 !

Such a waste that the boyfriend's brother couldn't enter the theater. The show ended at 10.30pm. The boyfriend decided to have late dinner at Sunway Giza. Almost all the restaurants are closed, we just simply picked Wong Kok.

Pasta again, yes!

The food and service is so-so. Don't really like the ambiance, as if they have one. Worse, a group of teenagers were sitting next to our table. They made a lot of noise! The girls sang with their iPad, the guys talked about how much they spent a week for dating, one of the couples said they spent one thousand a week. Seriously? With that Sungei Wang style pants and keyboard-slippers? Moreover, the girlfriend needs to pay for your meal? Either you're selling pirated CD or you have an estate #youkidmenot

That's us!

Support local acts, people!

For more details, check out www.http://pjlivearts.my/

UPDATED: Her name is Sharul Channa!Check out her Facebook page here.

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