I'm back, people!

Kenny G Heart & Soul Concert indeed is one of the not-to-missed event of the year! #truestory

photo 1

Honestly speaking, I personally think that Genting Highlands is the best place ever to hold this concert. Imagine if it was to be hold in Kuala Lumpur area. The hot weather and massive traffic jam! I went sleeveless to the hall, had an enjoyable time listening to Kenny G's music makes me relaxed, moreover, it's at The Arena of Stars! Double dosage of ecstasy!

The Happy Author!

There is a Chinese saying "Good Things Come is Pairs". I'm not only getting a pair of tickets which cost RM170 each, also a hotel room at First World Hotel! Not forgetting to mention a complimentary breakfast in Hou Mei Restaurant! Make it a triple luck! Life is awesome babe!

The check-in time was between 5.00pm-6.00pm. Some of the bloggers had an early check-in instead. The boyfriend and I had work in the afternoon, we practically hopped on the car immediately after the work and rushed to Genting Highlands! Fortunately the traffic was smooth and in a very high driving speed, we managed to reach the hotel lobby 10 minutes before the check-in counter closed.

I had a very lucky room number. It was Tower Two, 25th Floor, Room 848. Once we had my little pink luggage settled in the room, we went to have BKT dinner. My craving for Bak Kut Teh fixed, finally! At about 8.15pm, we walked to the entrance of Arena of Stars.

Look at the crowd!

Once I had my tickets checked, the staff asked me politely to deposit my camera at the counter as no camera is allowed. Some of my friends managed to bring it, as far as I concern, only compact cameras are allowed. I should have bring a compact camera! Thus, no photo at all.

The concert was a blast! I couldn't describe how awesome is the concert, for those who had been there, thumbs up! End of the concert, everyone left the hall with satisfaction, and some of them were expecting a second round of encore!

Second day, we the bloggers gathered to have breakfast together. Some of them went home after the breakfast but boyfriend and I decided to stay longer, leisure time! #geddit

At the First World Hotel Lobby, there was a clown show! It's not your usual clown who only make balloon shaping and smile, this clown is talented! Forgotten to take a video of him doing stunt, it was indeed an one great show!

photo 5
One of the talented clown.

The fog was thick in the morning. My contact lens dried out and it hurts my eyes so bad! Went to a drug store in First World Hotel, bought a packet of lens solution. Rinse the contact lens with it, it still dry no matter what, so I eventually took it off and disposed it. My vision was blur and guess what? I had an 'accident' with a piece of metal hanging out from a random statue, I almost go blind extremely painful! Didn't tell the boyfriend. We waited until the road is visible and safe, we were ready to go home.

photo 4
I'm going home!

It's been awhile since I was in Genting Highlands due to hectic schedule and the always-full-booking hotel rooms, for this time, thanks to Nuffnang and Resort World Genting for your generosity! You guys not only made my wish came true, you are part of making this cute young couple a future husband and wife! (Photos as below)

photo 3
"Will You Marry Me?"

photo 2
"YES I DO!!!"

With thousands of tourist places in Malaysia, they chose Genting Highlands! The lucky girl was in shock and she sobbed when the boyfriend walked out from the crowd! Aww I feel extremely happy for them! #happytears

Meanwhile, Genting Highlands is having Chocoholic and Candylicious 2012 from 25 May to 10 June 2012! Check out Resort World Genting for more details!  

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