I love Super GT! The super cars (GT300 and GT500), the gorgeous car show models, not forgetting to mention their generosity on giving away prizes #realisticstrike

Some of my friends took part in the previous contest I've posted in my blog and Facebook Wall. Unlucky to them, they won nothing from it! They had been whining on how possible I won it since thousands of people took part in the contest! All I can say is I'm just being lucky! Of course, I have been waiting for Super GT since last year and I deserve this. #determination

Anyways, they bought tickets. They aren't satisfied that they want more gifts and gifts other than the special edition Touch N' Go card!

So, to all this lucky bastard people, Super GT 2012 is now bringing a new and special game to all the ticket purchasers out there! Holla back if you're one of them!

It simple as 123! Anyone with a ticket, Facebook account and camera/camera phone/web-cam/friend's camera/uncle's laptop/neighbor's web-cam and etc can do this!
(1) Take a picture of you and your SUPER GT 2012 Round 3 tickets. 
(2) Tag us Super GT and write the serial number of your ticket(s) in the photo description.
(3) The Top 3 pictures with the most "Likes" on 7th June 2012 wins the following prizes.

[First prize] Canon PowerShot A3300IS + 1 Gridwalk Pass
[Second prize] FujiFilm Instax Mini Instant Camera + 1 Gridwalk Pass
[Third Prize] 1 Gridwalk Pass

You have now exactly 7 days to go! Strike your most creative pose and get all your friends to support you!

Here are some of my humble opinions on "Creative Pose" to win the prize.

............ umm, sorry pal I have no idea! Anyways, my suggestion would be, make sure the tickets are visible! Don't fold it into Origami, thou it is quite creative!

Perhaps, put on racer suit, lay on a super car and hold the tickets! Alternatively, hold the tickets up as if you're holding a trophy! With champagne shower and confetti as background! I've calculated the cost for this brilliant idea : RM100 (grandstands ticket) + RM19.90 (normal champagne) + RM- (magazines cut into pieces) Total up only RM200!

But hey, you probably bring home the first or second prize yo! Oh man, myself getting so excited about this! #coolingdown

I want to take part as well but my friends are so kiasu they refused to let me take picture with their tickets, afraid that I will win the prize again using their serial number! I will only collect my tickets during the racing day hence couldn't take part. So, people, now is your chance to win this! Why wait! 7 days to go before bringing home your prizes!

Sincerely speaking, I think many would aim for the First prize. I would prefer the second prize as less people aim for it and it means I have higher chance of winning it. So if you have the highest vote, ask some of your friends to unlike #likethatalsocan 

LOL I'm just kidding! Who would go for second prize if they can be at the top!

I hope I hope I hope one of my readers could win this! Please guys, squeeze your brain juice and think how to win it! Good luck to everyone of you!

With Instax Mini 7s Choco Edition

Reminder!! Must write down the serial number as photo caption!

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