The Lost World, Universal Studios Singapore

So, tell me who haven't watched Jurassic Park? Have anyone told you that Jurassic Park is one of the best movies of the century? You should know by now because it's a #fact. When I was a kid, I often think how to survive if I were caught up with dinosaurs, in the kitchen or in the car. Dinosaurs are scary and brutal because they eat human.That was the impact after watching the movie several times, for me they are real and thought dinosaurs are living somewhere!

You're so tiny, tiny human!

That tiny human, is me sipping on Pepsi from a funny shaped tumbler.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

Burning hot! The rain didn't cool down the heat at all. We had severe dehydration, sunblock isn't applied because I dislike the smell of swimming pool, I don't know why it makes me feel that. If you noticed, I always had a funny shaped tumbler hanging on my neck, that was the green portion I mentioned in Instagram. Got it at SGD19.90 from one of the merchandise shops.

The sun is killing him.

The Lost World is located after Ancient Egypt. No shaded aisle built from Ancient Egypt to The Lost World so you need to walk under the hot sun. I would suggest you to bring an umbrella, or better yet, a baseball cap. If you have none, find an air-conditioned place to cool down yourself. Like we did, we went to Jurassic Outfitters where you can find T-shirts, tumblers, soft toys and etc.

It's cooling here.

Did not find any interesting Jurassic-Park-themed merchandise. To me, the T-shirts are plain in design as well as the key-chains. Anyways, you may find something you like here or from the Dino Store!


We didn't ride the Canopy Flyer. It is similar to roller coaster ride designated for family with small kids. Without high speed accelerations and sudden drop definitely make it a less interesting ride. Rock climbing under the sun might caused dizziness and dehydration, so we gave it a pass too.


Smoking in public is prohibited in the park. For smokers, you may find smoking rooms near the Transformers the ride (Sci-Fi City), Oasis Spice Cafe (Ancient Egypt) and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (The Lost World).

A non-smoking area.

If Middle-Eastern meals aren't your type, you can find western fast food such as sausages and burgers at Fossil Fuels or local delicacies at Discovery Food Court in Jurassic Park! There are also plenty choices of snack in the park such as nancho n' cheese and garlic rings!

Forgot about the price. If not mistaken, it's about SGD5 per pack.

Additionally, you can always find bottle/can drinks or ice-blended from the convenient carts as below.

Soft drinks, anyone?

And now, let me show you the best ride in The Lost World, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure!


The queue is consider long. The waiting time is about 30 to 40 minutes. There was once the waiting time is one and a half hour! It's a family ride thus for those who didn't queue up for Battle Galactica or Transformers The Ride, they probably all here for the ride!

Yes, you will definitely get wet!

You may keep your stuff in a locker that provided outside this attraction. Locker is free of charge for the first 30 minutes and will be charges accordingly after the period. If I'm not mistaken, the charge is SGD20 for a full-day locker service. Getting a water-resistant bag is advisable, like how we did. Keep all your stuff inside the bag without worrying the water splash!

SGD3 for each.

All in white. I got mine from a convenient store in Bangkok and it only cost me 70 cents. I used it for few times before ditched it to a trash bin.

Ready to get wet?

Each of the ride fit 9 people. We shared a ride with a big family of 6 people, total 8 of us.

The floor is slippery.

This is the exit point. You will experience a drop here and when you are finally out from the building,

We survived!

This kids will shoot at you with water. (Spot the lunchbox the father is holding? I got two of that!)

Fire in the hole!

This ride is not as scary as I expected. There is a point where your ride rises from the ground and I thought we will experience a fearful sudden drop, I grabbed the handler so tight and you can see from the candid photo (I bought the photo anyways) that I WAS SUPER SCARED AND DUMB LOOKING.#facepalm

I will survive no matter what!

My boyfriend was soaked! He was worrying about his hair and when he saw this dry-pod, he immediately pay SGD5 and dry himself inside there. #doublefacepalm

My wax!

The Lost World isn't specifically about Jurassic Park, the other part of The Lost World is Water World. You will not find any ride but be hold! You will witness the explosions and stunts that will truly amazed you from the stunning water live show!

Beforehand,  choose your preference. The seats are divided into three zones, Blue Zone, Green Zone and Dry Zone. Blue Zone is the nearest zone to the stage which mean you probably soaking wet during end of the show! For the Green Zone, you will get slightly wet depending on which part you're sitting. And for the Dry Zone, you may sit behind the fence.

The entrance

Before I blog more about it, I would like to emphasize that I went to this show for three times. During the first time, the show was half way canceled due to technical issue and weather condition. Second time, the show was canceled due to unforeseen issues, and finally for the third time, we got to watch the whole show at 7pm!

This was the time where the show was delayed.

The stage.

There was interaction session with the audience before the show starts. It was like an ice-breaking session where the stuntmen will ask the audience to cheer and if they don't, the stuntmen will splash the water to targeted audience.

One of the stuntmen.

They don't actually target on female. Especially lady with full make up and dressed up. If you are sitting with a bunch of kids or teenagers, you might be getting wet!

Like this!

The show starts after 10 minutes of the interaction session.



Explosion explosion!

End of the show.

The stuntmen.

The princess and funny General!

the aftermath.

After the show, the boyfriend urged me to take the Cylon ride. I refused because just by the look of it, it already chicken me out! Although he always challenge me to do #scary things, but I still love him lah.

Yours truly on a surf board!

Alright, he wins.

I told you that dinosaurs eat people!

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