I'm back, readers! I was in Singapore for three days. As I tweeted, I shall blog about my birthday celebration in Universal Studios! My last year celebration in Hong Kong Disneyland still fresh in mind, never thought I'll have my birthday celebration this year, presumably because I never planned to have any, better yet, I actually scheduled some meetings and a two-days working during the weekend.

Without my knowing, the boyfriend canceled my weekend working. When he handed me the itinerary, I was rather feeling complicated inside. A short trip to Universal Studios as my birthday gift? I was totally head over heels! And worried too. I did not have savings for such a surprise trip but thankfully that it was a full-sponsored trip! Which means souvenirs and meals included. I'm a happy girl.

Everything was so last-minute! The itinerary handed to me 12 hours before, meant I have less than 10 hours to prepare. No wonder he urged me to renew my passport the day before even though my next vacation is only by July!

So, early in the morning, as usual, brush my teeth and double check the tickets and passports, the only difference was I did not get enough sleep for the past week due to heavy loaded works! I took naps whenever there was a chance, during passport inspection, wee time, in the plane and MRT!

My birthday.

The Airbus.

A face of zombie.

After about an hour, we arrived at Changi Airport. Frankly speaking, I never been to Changi Airport. I had been to Singapore but that was so long time ago, I barely remembered how the old airport looks like.

The boyfriend walks before me.

After the immigration checkpoint, we headed to the skytrain station. For those who don't know, the ride is free and always on-time! So you may take your own sweet time unless you're catching a flight.

The lobby.

Skytrain Station.

We had an early check-in, left our luggage in the hotel room. We took the Express train from VivoCity to Universal Studios,which costs SGD3 for a return trip/person between VivoCity and Waterfront Station (Universal Studios Singapore, Genting Casino, Hard Rock Cafe).

The famous Universal Globe!

It's expected. Nobody will ever get a clean shot of the Globe and yourself without unknown people around! When you thought you finally have a background of your own, someone will come in and stand around you and take his/her shots!

Say cheese babe!

Considering Universal Studio has 7 theme parks and lots of attraction, especially the 'infamous super long waiting time' for Transformers, we bought two-days pass, which costs SGD118 per person. Differently from Hong Kong Disneyland, Universal Studios Singapore didn't acquire for passport or identification card to purchase the two-days passes, which mean there is a chance that you may able to share your two-days passes with others. Try your luck, folks!

The popcorn cart!

Hollywood Street is the first attraction after you enter the park. To be frank, I think Disneyland does better in building the Main Street. There are several shops along the Main Street but as for Hollywood Street, it is kind of a short distance street and choices of shopping are limited. However, I still love their movie-themed drinking tumblers which I don't find any in Disneyland! Unless we're talking about kids Tupperware with Mickey Mouse printing, otherwise, there is no such tumblers from Disneyland.

Special tumblers costs less than SGD23.90 each.

And, I found my name! If I'm not mistaken, it's a makeup studio named Roslyn Mann.


A hat booth on the street! There are several choice of hats/headpiece that every guest can try on and snap pictures! Some guests are inconsiderate that he/she uses the hat for so long and still refuse to return it back to the booth. If you like the hat, you may proceed to the shop dudes. #likethatalsocan


Charlie Chaplin in New York! After the Hollywood Street, turn right to New York and you might be able to find him! It did not take a long queue to take photo with him.

Chaplin was trying to tell the boyfriend where to stand.

Chaplin asked him to stand far from me!

And they both kicked each other from behind.

Lights, Camera, Action! It's one of the attractions in the park. Just located in New York, the waiting time is no longer than 30 minutes. Many are not interested to check this out as the outlook of the building is plain and uninterested, but don't judge a book by its cover! This attraction is hosted by Steven Spielberg, your most influential personality in the history of films!


Before entering the first room, where you'll meet Steven Spielberg, the lines are divided into three rows. I would suggest you to line up at the first row and second row, which is either the row at your left hand side or the middle row when you entering the building.

Mandarin subtitles.

Mr Spielberg is introducing the movie industry.




The background is an old building of New York City. This sound stage is amazing! All you need is to hold your breath and experiencing the hurricane that fully controlled by special movie effects!

The storm is coming.

Alarm activated and things started to fall apart.

Gas tank exploded and caused fire!

It's burning hot in the studio!

Windows blown away by strong wind.

Big ship crashing the studio!

This is the time when you should grab the handle as the floor you are standing will have a sudden drop due to the ship crash. Big splash and ready to get wet! It's advisable that pregnant women not to take this ride due to the special effects.

Storm had stopped.

Everything back to normal.

Next, the Sci-Fi City!


Photo-taking booth! You may ask the photographer to take a photo of yours using personal camera, however, I noticed that they will not take the photo from the best front view, where they set their camera tripod. Photos taken by their DSLR are selling at SGD12/copy.

Using Olympus EP-L1.

In case you aren't aware, one of the best attractions in Universal Studios Singapore is Battlestar Galactica! Human or Cylon, choose your side. Just by the look of it, I knew both the rides are dangerously exciting and scary! You are either happily puke rainbow or the lunch you had.

I would choose Human side.

The starting point, accelerating and there....

You spin my head round and round! 14-storey high, be my guest.

I'm gonna puke!

WARNING: It's a high-speed turbulent roller coaster that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, lifting and dropping. Guests should be in good physical health to experience this attraction.

My boyfriend must be an overly healthy man. He took the ride three times! And did not throw up. He said the first drop was adrenaline rushing, and the rest were easy and he actually waved his hands in the air all the time. Not forgetting to mention that he sat at the front row. I was like 'wow wow wow isn't that scarier to sit at the first row'!

I'm a happy girl even though I did not take the ride.

Next, the famous Transformers ride, The Ultimate 3D Battle!

What a luck, the waiting room is empty!

Just kidding. Even though it was my birthday, there wasn't special treatment for such a special ride! Everyone wants a piece of it!

#First Section - E1

That's it. 2 hours of waiting.

It's a non-smoking area.

There are many sections to go before you get to the ride. First, you would need to line up for about 20 minutes before entering the second section.

#Second Section - E2




The happy couple waiting in line.

This section is the most interesting part. You get to press some non-functional buttons, pretending you are part of the NEST scientists. Screens showing the conversations between autobots. General Morshower also featuring in this video.




#Third Section - E3

Fragment of Allspark

Introduction of every Decepticons.

#Forth Section - E4

Megatron threatening NEST new recruiters.

#Fifth Section - E5


Evac, the transformer you're going to cooperate with.

#Sixth Section - E6

Take the front row!

#Seventh Section - E7

New recruit of NEST.

Ready to battle!

Evac, the ride.

The ride is superb! The boyfriend and I took the ride for four times! We even get an One-time Express Pass for this. I had a severe neck pain during the first ride because I was jaw dropping all the time, tilt my head so high as if Transformers were standing on top of me, for real! Second ride was rather enjoying, especially when our ride was dropping from a very high building, Bumble Bee managed to catch us before we crashed to the ground. Indeed a must-ride attraction!

Next, my favorite Madagascar.


Come back for more updates! Signing off!

All the photos are taken using an Olympus EPL-1. Passionate in lomography and traveling. Appreciate your supports and thank you for reading this post, kindly leave footprints at my facebook page. Roslyn Kong at Instagr.am. Let me hear from you on Twitter too at @roslynkong!!