My second Disneyland experience is absolutely fantastic and marvelous compared to the first time! In conjunction of the 5th Year Anniversary and Pin Trading Fun Day 2011, we entered the park for two consecutive days during our stays in Hollywood Hotel.

I reluctantly booked the hotel room in Hollywood Hotel; It was a last minute booking and unfortunately due to the fully booking status, we didn't managed to book a room in Disneyland Hotel, not even the Kingdom Suite. My stays in the Victorian style Disneyland Hotel last September indeed an irresistibly memorable experience. The ambiance was overwhelming lovely and peaceful. I want Disneyland Hotel! Can you hear me?!

Hollywood Hotel don't offer free Wifi service in the lobby and hotel rooms. The internet service in room will be charged about HKD120 per day. The room is slightly small compared to Disneyland Hotel's. It's not a major concern after all as I spent less hours in the hotel. I should be satisfied that I am fortunate to stay 2 nights instead of catching up last train back to the modern city, don't you think so?

Me and my birthday badge
Was confused when the cast member handed me the Birthday badge. The boyfriend seems have no idea and my curiosity isn't urging much, so I just accepted it with my free will.

Real classic.

The Magical hotel room.

Welcome to Hollywood Hotel!

I was greeted by this cute little thing the moment I entered the bathroom before took a peek into the bedroom. It brighten my day as I was grumbled how distasteful are those particular hotel guests ever since I met them in the lobby 5 minutes ago; they were making noise the children were chicken running everywhere, I felt so annoyed.

I was holding this little cute thing coming out from the bathroom wanting to show it to the boyfriend, and then I saw

Love message on the bed!
I was surprised! Such a loving act happened in my life and I am touched. Never expecting that my boyfriend knows that my immune system failed whenever I see cute things instead of roses or luxury gifts. Then I turn around and saw these:

Two doggie next to the bed!

And I screamed in surprise when I saw this on the table! Unbelievably that my boyfriend had planned all these even before we boarded the plane!

Delicious fruit cake!

And I received a cake specially from


Chef Mickey!

Forget about the reality. I was thrilled when I first opened up the card as I was expecting the card was from the boyfriend. Chef Mickey appointed this birthday card specially to me!





Happy (belated) Birthday to myself :)

Never thought I can blow birthday candles in Disneyland resort this year. I never planned to celebrate my birthday as that special day of mine also the day my grandmother from mother side passed away. Not forgetting to mention our Chinese culture which that day itself is Qing Ming. I'm not sure if other guest rooms are decorated with such beautiful and cute towel but I really appreciate their efforts, I take back whatever I said about Hollywood Hotel. Although both the hotels are different in so many ways, but the service deserves my two thumbs up! In the other hand, my gratitude especially to my boyfriend whom I never thought he would ever plan all these for me.

On top of that, I also receive the Star Guest badge from him. It's a badge specially made for you to hand it to your V.I.P and show how importantly precious they are to you. Stay tuned for more, see you soon thuggies :)