Zou San! (In Cantonese, it means good morning)

Summer is extremely hot and Spring is amazingly cozy in Hong Kong. Waking up to dog barking from the street, I'm all set for Hongkie breakfast!


Macaroni soup is one of my favorites. Referring to the staff, macaroni soup is for sick kids. Apparently this theory doesn't apply on me, I had macaroni for my breakfast most of the time. It's delicious and made me have appetite to eat more!


Before you make any order, the staff will put a glass of tea on the table. I've seen some of them dipped their cutlery into it and some of them drank it. I dipped my fork and spoon instead of drinking it. This breakfast costs us HKD75. To be frank, large set for GCB in Mc Donald Hong Kong is so much cheaper. I had GCB for the last 2 nights in City Gate, Tung Chung Station. Talk about not having much money left in the pocket.. GCB is good.


Hong Kong is a busy city. I've seen many policemen having duty around and people rushing to their destinations early in the morning. The elevators in MTR move fast and the public transport always on time.





A random exit of MTR in town.

K11 is located about five blocks from my hotel. It's a random pick; there are uncountable shopping malls in Hong Kong city, be smart and pick the preferable malls or you'll be wasting your precious time checking out the same things.

Me with my first shopping bag.

Check this out and tell me if you could figure what it is.



It's Sweet Delight Mona Lisa!

K11 presents the World's Largest Toast Art Mosaic to complement the Food Art Festival that currently held in the city. Amazing?

One of the reasons I love Hong Kong is the citizens are allowed to walk their pets on the major streets. I have four furkids at home and how great if I can bring them to a walk in town. It's not the first time I bumped into fury mates, let's see





2 out of 18294757693034865 dogs I met in town. All the dogs are friendly and discipline. They adapt to the weather well, the fur is presentable compared to most dogs in our country. As a dog owner, here's some advices. Don't pat the dogs without getting permission from the owner. Besides that, don't ever let the dog to lick your hands, you never know that you might cost them a life by doing it, our hands carry bacteria, don't ever take the risk.