After my first trip, I always anticipating my next Hong Kong trip and YOU hear me! Here I am after 7 months but now I am in my room writing this entry to entertain myself. Back to the reality. The previous trip was intended planned to celebrate my first Halloween in Hong Kong Disneyland. I had a bad experience flying with Air Asia previously so this time I took Cathay Pacific instead.


Differently from AK, we don't get to purchase luggage weight from CX beforehand, every exceeded kilogram will be charged USD10 or HKD70. Learned from my past experience, which I paid (furiously) extra RMfourhundredfiftytwo to AK, fuck them double, so I am so aware about our luggage weight. As indicated in the terms and conditions, every passengers has 23KG for check-in luggage and another 7KG for hand luggage, I want to use it efficiently so this time I brought less than 6 sets of clothes for both of us and the rest of the day we will be wearing our newly bought clothes.

Heading to the satellite.

Waiting to board.


I always late for boarding ever since my first Hong Kong trip. Last calling for Sabah trip last December, my name was announced and I ran all the way from Mc Donald; then I was late again for my Indonesia trip last January and the worst part was when I missed the check-in time and forced to purchase the ticket for next flight.

I reminded the boyfriend to remind me the boarding time so that I can be on time this time. I'm good in taking precautions. Undoubtedly it's a very good solution for reminding someone to remind you of some important things; as a result, I was the first 50 passengers to be on board.

Have a complicated feeling towards Cathay Pacific. I was so close to be part of the cabin crew but I bailed up. Or I'll be staying in Hong Kong for the next three years, at least. My heart wants it but my sensible mind told me not to. Vulnerable enough?

The 777-300 fleet.

The business class.

The blue blue sky.

One of my fear is turbulence. When I was a student pilot, the lecturers told us how they fought turbulence and how near they were with death and I always pray that turbulence never come to bother me. The trick is, blue blue sky doesn't mean you are safe, the plane is steady. Their stories don't take much efforts but it's enough to scared me. I was partially in fear when I see this clear blue sky outside the window. Turbulence please go away, you are better without me.

The supportive boyfriend.


They have awesome in-flight entertainment. I watched 4 episodes of the latest Crime Scene Investigation series before landing. And, Justin Bieber acted in the first episode. Heard that he should be dead but he isn't, maybe they change the ending, I don't know. The boyfriend watched Glee Season 2 and the passengers around us were looking at him as he giggled repeatedly throughout the drama.

Pronounce peanuts, people.

The chicken rice.

Compared to the meal from Hong Kong to Malaysia, this one I rated 4/10.

The complimentary desserts.

The inflight shopping.

My first spent in Hong Kong Dollar. The CX Pilot Bear and also the Octopus Card for two.

The camera.

I must highlight on one of the features in flight. They actually have a camera installed behind the wheel and passengers can change to the designated channel and take an outside view while taking off, flying and landing.

The economy class.


The screen showing your luggage status before immigration.

The middle size and large size.

It's empty inside for the zebra luggage. All the gifts will be squeezed inside when we are back, as usual. My Pilot Bear was in the small plastic bag.

The airport.

As we arrived, we didn't rush to the hotel but take a stroll down in the airport. I had my light supper in the airport before taking a cab to our hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui.


Hong Kong International Airport Station - Kowloon Station - Tsim Tsa Tsui


Knutsford Terrace is the 'Lam Kwai Fong' in Tsim Tsa Tsui. I lived just a opposite this popular nightlife spot. We both are not drinker so we just took a slow walk down the aisle observing the people in the pubs and cafes.





The hotel I booked indeed a very convenient accommodation. It's located in the middle of the vibrant Tsim Tsa Tsui, to be exact at the junction of Observatory Road and Kimberly Road. We have Ben & Jerry down road, Starbucks and 7-Eleven are just 3 minutes walking distance.



My magical experience won't begin until the 5th day, so stay tuned.

Coming up next, my first morning in Hong Kong City.