Happy Easter Day folks! Traditionally, eggs are the symbol that we relate to Easter season, not forgetting the long-ear rabbits. I don't really understand the meaning of Easter Day but I know it means a lot to our Christian friends. During this season, kids will spend time in coloring eggs and decorating their Easter baskets which filled with assorted egg-shaped treats. It reminds me of wearing customized clothes and knock on people's door, and bahh! It's a different season, I know.

Seriously, I would never aware that Easter Day is around the corner until I went to Hong Kong. They have decorations in conjunction of the Easter holidays everywhere, especially in the malls. To be true, in Malaysia we don't really have Easter celebration like other countries do, no?

I had an early Easter celebration by having the famous



My first time eating 鸡蛋仔! They offered assorted flavors, I prefer chocolate flavor but I had minor coughing and flu so I ordered the original flavor instead. Max sad.

That brown camera bag is the one I got when I purchased Olympus E-PL1. Planning to buy a new one so that I can keep all, maybe not all but few of my cameras.

During dinner time, we walked into a random restaurant and ordered these:




Mouthwatering when the dishes are served. I talked with mouthful rice and can't stop from shoving the rice and meat into my mouth. It were so delicious and the portion enough to make your stomach burst. Unlike the small little portion by the stalls I went nearby my house, it's like feeding birds.

After the dinner, we decided to take MRT from Tsim Tsa Tsui Station to Jordan Station.




They are very concern about hygiene. All the straws are wrapped.






Most of the stalls closed at 11PM. During the weekends, the street is even more busy and occupied will all kinds of entertainers and visitors. Down the street, there is another famous street which they named it as 波鞋街. I don't really recommend to get your new pair of shoes here as there are too many shops and it's difficult to differentiate between original and replica.

I've got a real cute pink color with white dots Reebok shoe from K11 and I can assure you it's original. :) Man, I felt so good walking with the pair of shoe compared to the Converse I brought with me. It's tiring to explore the city by walk.


Hong Kong government constantly educate the citizens to take care of their properties and beware of pickpocket. You can see the Police vehicles middle of busy streets and ready to assist everyone, especially the visitors. I was indeed a vulnerable human being, I wanted so bad to take a photo with them but I am shy, slap myself for that. Well, maybe next time?

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