Hello people! As you can see, rain pouring down during my visit to Singapore. When I was purchasing the express ticket, I'd seen many returned to VivoCity from the park.

View from the Express train.

It's raining!

Heavy rain, some of the attractions were closed down due to the weather condition.

About 3 in the afternoon, the sun was burning hot! I was fortunate enough to be able to watch Madagascar Boogie Dance!

One of the themed restaurants in the park.

Madagascar Boogie Dance is a public show at an open air theater outside the food court. You do not need to queue up, just be there and save a spot for yourself. I was late during the first day hence I can only watched the show from the side. I've learned my lesson so during the second day, I rushed to the stage and saved the middle spot of the front row even before the audience gathered. However, the show starts 5 minutes late.As I mentioned, there will always some dickheads tend to take your spot conveniently, so I showed my teeth instead. Like a tigress, roar!

Before the show starts.

Look at those kids' face expression.

Roar for Alex!

Hey pretty!

Gloria the Hippo!


Skipper, Rico, Private and Kowalski!

King Julian XIII

I like to move it move it!

You like to move it!

The penguins and Gloria are super adorable during the dance performance! This video was taken by me, I usually very good in taking video, but this dance is super funny and adorable, I was actually pumping my head and hands while taking this video. But I promise you, this is indeed a very clear video of the boogie dance, so check it out!

It's photo session after the Boogie Dance. I wasn't sure if the characters will be wandering around in the park for photo session but for this session, they are only available for 10 minutes! You will need to queue up for different lines as the cast members separated the mascots into 5 different sections, which are Alex, Gloria, King Julian, and Penguins. Penguins itself were divided into two groups, two penguins for each group.

The clock is ticking fast! It is almost impossible to take photo with each of the characters if I were alone. I had my boyfriend to queue up for me while I was queuing up for another line. #smartmove

Anyways, don't get confused with my outfits as these are compilation of photos taken in two different days.

We are lovers.

And we have a third party.

I almost step on King Julian's feet.

Gloria is super adorable!

The boyfriend is mocking Gloria!

Private and Kolwaski!

I'm a princess from Far Far Away. #justkidding

Will blog about Far Far Away real soon!

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