Roche X Rayden

Both of 'em not-so-prefer to travel with car. Just a 30 minutes drive from house to the vet, they rather to sleep in the car. =.=" Roche on the floor, Rayden in the cage.

Rayden. Before.

After. ;)

At night, I was rushing assignments at the studio. Mumble and Roche wanted to come in. Hmm.. Should I let them in?

tick tock tick tock...

Ok set. You guys can come in, but promise me don't go everywhere, stay with me, kay?

They're so cute. Hush hush hush hush.


One of my buddies came down to Seremban from KL. Called me and we met in Jusco, meeting point was Popular entrance. See what I saw when we were chatting outside the Popular?

Have fun ;)