Bought a KFC bucket for my daughters ;) They were actually chilling in the kitchen of my boyfriend's studio. Mumble, Roche and Joker.

Mumble is mocking for Vincent's drumstick.

We're on bed. ;) and the snakey, My once-upon-soft-toy-but-now-is-Joker's-bestfriend.

Talalalala! Joker, the pug. My new pet ;)

She and her sexy pose and confused face.

Joker with her villain face. " I'm watching you, kids."

It's sleeping time. Mumble, the Snakey and Roche.

These hot days really killing. So Calvin and I let the dogs in for air-cond in the room. See how comfortable they are. ;)

Believe it or not. The Donald Duck is my first soft toy since I was 2 years old. The very origin soft toy from my dad ;) And I still keep it.

Mumble ;)

Mumble is a very smart dog. She never get into a fight and well trained. Well she chased cat, but we stopped her, so since then she knows she is not allowed to chase cats. ;)

The Smallest and the Largest

Compare the body size of Joker's and the head size of Mumble's.

Mumble, Roche, Shadow and Raydan in a row.

First time bringing my daughters to Calvin's house. This was the first time they met each other, amazing was they played together and don't bark or attempting to attack each other.

They're se lovely, aren't they?