Donald Duck knee down in front of me. He pulled out a ring and said : "Will you marry me?"

I do not feel happy, but heartache. I was crying, I was so sad, I felt the pain inside, I couldn't speak a word.

He was still there, waiting for my answer. He was blushed at first, but when tears started to roll down to my cheeks, I saw the doubtfulness in his eyes. The pain is even more, I want to talk to him, but I just couldn't. I want to apologize, but I hesitated.

The sky is dark. Nobody around us. He stood up, he handed me the ring, then, he silently turn around and walk off.

I run after him and pull his shirt, and when he turns around, I realize I woke up in my bed. Looked at the wall-clock, it shows 3.45AM. I relieved a sigh. Rubbed my eyes and walked to the bathroom. I stared at the reflection on the mirror.

Sigh again. I look at myself. I am mature compared to 4 years ago. It was a bad goodbye. I can't really recall how broken heart we were, all I can remember is egotism that make us fall apart. It was so long ago, I hardly remember the details of the scene, but I know someone had hurt badly.

I do not take the initiative to meet him again, and confess apology to him. I hid, I refused to see his face.

In the dream, I know I am sad but I don't know what's the reason. Sigh.

Maybe, dream isn't true. It's just a dream anyways.