For 80's baby, I believe we have the similar favorite cartoon, or memories. For example, my drummer-bee and sister's boyfriend's favorite cartoon was Captain America, while my cartoon list are nothing more than Dragon Ball, Sailormoon, Tom & Jerry and Popeye.

90's fellow may like Spongebob Squarepants, Powerpuff Girl, or Initial D wtf. I don't really know, you name it. It's not my favorites anyways, is yours. So, one of my childhood best cartoon is My Neighbor Totoro. Ever heard about it? It's the classic 80's Japanese Cartoon. The screenshot below is the first time when Totoro decided to be visible and let the elder sister noticed his existence.

The sister offered an umbrella to Totoro when the sky starts to rain. He was delighted and gave a bundle of seeds and nuts to the sister. After awhile, he hopped on a bus-shaped giant cat just before their father's bus arrived.

  Who the heck done this? It's quite disturbing, oh man, damn it's so evil.

Totoro indeed is the best cartoon in my life.I still remember the house that inhabited by those tiny black fur-balls named Susuwatari; the orange bus-shaped giant cat that halts at the stop where the sisters and Totoro stand at; the boucy stomach of Totoro when the sisters fall down from the sky into the hole where Totoro took a nap; Those scenes are still fresh in my mind.

My favorite part : The sisters planted the seeds and a few days later, they awaken at night. They find that Totoro and his miniature friends are engaged into a ceremonial dance around the planted seeds. The sprouts grew into an enormous tree. Totoro and the sisters took a magical ride on the bus-shaped cat.

Totoro is my most desirable pet during childhood time. I can feel the rush, the excitement, the love for the cartoon.

What's your best cartoon?

And oh wait, how does it feel when your childhood cartoon...

had become something that you're not familiar with?

Or....... adultery?

You tell me.