Many asked me what it feels like to be with someone for 8 years. Are we getting married? Are we getting engaged or whatsoever people just curious about plans that we might think of. Nothing I could able to tell as many things are accountable in this relationship, and somehow I see it from different perspectives, and marriage or engagement aren't the only thing I want to achieve in life. In order for me to be someone I always wanted to be, marriage is the last thing on my mind.

At some point, plannings are the spoilers. Collectively. When you have plans, and when your partner disagree about that, that's it. Arguments, cold wars and to be frank, I missed the cold wars and apparently, it was so yesterday and now I believe we focus on something else rather than never-ending dramas and affairs. It's so entertaining and fun, maybe you named it as betrayals but hey, like I told you, different perspectives.

I am nobody to tell you about what is all about relationship. I can tell you that we are the special pair among our friends because we hold on and throughout the years, we are willingly to change ourselves for a better future and we make lesser wild assumption, most importantly, we put faiths in each other.

We are bitch to each other. He would never understand the high school dramas I involved and the enjoyment I have; I would never understand the games and jokes he's been throwing and somehow, we feel that "oh my, you're so annoying!" kind of feelings. Sometimes, I can be a total bitch when I try to interfere his activities or he just simply ignorance. He said I've been serious and firm to others. I think he's too friendly and my point of view in this, he's a music instructor and how could his young students play with him, climb on him or scratched his arms until left scars. If I'm him, I would bitch-slap them but it's impossible, it's not because I won't bitch slapping people, it's because I am a hell serious teacher and they won't dare to mess with me. So, basically, we are totally opposite.

We were just had our 8th Year Anniversary lately and here are the gifts from him. Enjoy peeps. And seriously, it's very naturally gorgeous and I am totally in love with this pictures.

Love the red flats. :) Not mine, it belongs to Anna.

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Dear Drummer Bee, happy 8th Year and 1 Month Anniversary.