Peeps, yours truly just back from Hong Kong yesterday midnight. The luggage are still unpack, my room is messed worse than usual, seriously, I do not have sufficient and proper places to keep all the Disney merchandise and new shoes. Before I elaborate more on my shopping experience over there, I shall share some of the photos taken during the trip. Enjoy :)

Took off. Below 30,000 feet.

Took the earliest flight to Hong Kong. Woke up at 4am and get ready within 30 minutes before heading to the airport. My dad fetched me to the airport, seriously, I don't want to trouble him as it was 4.30 in the morning. He was so worried, like he always said, I am still his baby daughter even by that time my age reached 50. :) Hee insisted to fetch me even if I told him I would take a cab. He kept asking Drummer Bee to take care of me because he knows I'm sucks in speaking Cantonese.

Hong Kong International Airport indeed one of the best airport worldwide. I still remember when I was back from the overseas, it took me about 20 to 30 minutes before collect my luggage after the immigration check. In Hong Kong International Airport, from the moment I touched down, I went to the ladies and have my passport checked, until I collect my luggage, it only took me about 45 minutes. My time wasn't wasted waiting for the luggage arrived because the minute you passed the immigration check, your luggage are ready to be collected. I am impressed by their efficiency, professionalism and friendliness.

I purchased my Octopus card in the airport. We paid HKD150 for each, HKD50 as the deposit and HKD100 is the available credit.

40 minutes to Kowloon. HKD90 per single way.

The first thing after we check-in the hotel is to hunt for food stalls.I heard too much of awesome stories about Hong Kong and lucky to me, the hotel I booked is just few blocks away from the city centre. We treasured Hong Kong by walk and this lady boss caught my eyes. She had been politely asking our orders and cooked it immediately. This was the first time I see all these, I was so vulnerable, it made me feel I want it all! She recommended me the cow intestine and beef meat.

  Cow intestine. HKD10 per stick.


Dinner Time.

We went to Grand Century Place in Mongkok. We did not find any interesting spots there hence we headed to Langham Place. It's quite a big shopping mall located at the centre of Mongkok.

Yoshinoya, Langham Place, Mongkok.

Before the cheese.

After the cheese.

Supper time in Lady's Street.

"Xuan dau liu kou sui, la dao liu yan lei"

Drummer Bee chose the second-highest grade of spiciness. I do not dare to even take a sip because I can't even bear with our sambal. I'm an epic failure as a Malaysian, I know.

"Xiong Sam Ma Lat Fan"

Finished, finally.

No sob. Noob.