Hi peeps. I can't recall when was the last time I write about my perspectives about people and life. I always have happy thoughts inside me, I see people from different perspectives and put myself in their shoes. Maybe, ignorance is blissful but I doubt about it. I believe in involvement, put yourself in it and you will eventually find a way out for every doubts you have inside.

Recently, many had gone forever. There is no turning point, you can't push the backspace button and start it all over again. Life is a story, every decision you made will lead you to another way; if one day you decided to marry this woman, after 10 years, you found out that you married to the wrong person, the worst case scenario is you are going to get divorced, probably fight for the your kid's custody. You can make a chance, certainly when you are still alive and the time is sufficient.

It is extremely shocking and heartache when the first time I read about this young boy whom is only 22 years old, he jumped down from the 14th floor for a girl who decided to give up on the relationship. He was rushed to the hospital, unfortunately, he is powerless to fight against the God of Death, as what we the Chinese believe. He had left his family behind, without considering any consequences that he might caused. Everyone is devastated, his family, his friends, not to mention his ex girl friend too.

Believe me, peeps. I know this girl will never ever wish that this boy will commit suicide because of her. She is just making a decision that she believes what is best for her. Everyone deserves to make decision, just like you and I. Can she be blamed over the death of this young boy? I am strongly disagree about that. There is also a rumor speculated around saying this girl is planning to go back to her ex boyfriend. In regards of that, this girl is standing on her toes. Maybe she ended the relationship in an inappropriate way of manners that caused this tragic to happened. I know it's very saddening to eventually found out that your partner is choosing the ex instead of you, sometimes it does make you like a fool. The feelings is hard to swallow but all you need to do is to clear your mind, find a way to clarify the situation. Many would say that they don't know what else to do other than crying, in such case, you just need to find the normality in life. Move on.

When I'm not in a good shape, when I need peace, I will play poker cards. I will play it continuously until my heart tell me I'm already healed and I am certainly ready to face everything in life. I had been in a worst relationship ever in life and I decided to make a call about it. Everything went pear-shaped although we tried our best to maintain, all we really hoped is things remain the same and we can be friends again. We were not matured enough to handle the situation, I guess. I don't what to believe anymore when our mutual friends told me that he's trying to hurt himself so that the pain inside can disappear.  

Basically, I call it childish and selfish. I don't see any point why should I keep in touch with him because I have difficulties to tolerate with stupidity. He was able to track me down when I was in college and it freaked me out, like I'm totally worn out when the first time I got his messages.

Seriously, if you are obsess about this person, and you like him/her so much and you barely hang on with life without them, trust me, if you died, they probably will forget you within 10 years. Any sensible minds will choose to move on if one dies even though they were sad and hurt badly when you died. Please don't die for those who don't love you anymore, or people that choose to leave you behind like a worn out toys. Stalk them, seriously, just stalk them, continuously stalk them until you are bored with their fake smile and ugly face. Laugh about them with your close friends, find reasons for yourself for not loving them anymore. It may sounds resentful but I believe this feel so much better than hurting yourself physically. When you to resent them, means there is no love towards them anymore. It's a good thing, just to protect yourself.

What is love?

Love is patient and kind, it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited, it is never rude or selfish, it does not take offence, nor is it resentful. Love takes no pleasure in others’ sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.

When all is forgotten all you have left is love and what is in your heart. No matter how many people tell you different just know your heart is the most sacred thing in life and you should treasure it for as long until it stops beating.

Love Doesn't Kill. Merry Christmas lovers :D