I thought the final interview is the easiest but I guess I am wrong. Somehow I think I screwed my final interview.

I applied it last December and received the invitation on January 2011. It was my best news back from Indonesia and I felt overwhelmed excited about it. Succeeded candidates will be based in Hong Kong, 3-years contract. How does it sound to you?

My interview was on 23rd January 2010. I woke up early in the morning just to get things prepared. Drove up to Kuala Lumpur with full of hopes and positive mind. The first round interview was held for 4 consecutive days from 22nd to 25th January. The lobby was occupied with thousands candidates, frankly speaking, I can hear my heartbeat crystal clear.

I was assigned to the last group of the first round interview, and also the last person holding the number 14. We were given different topics and everyone was given few minutes to share our opinions. I was rather blank in mind as all the candidates spoke out their opinions before my turns and all I was able to share is totally different points, which meant I need to think outside the box. I was dropped from the Heaven to Hell when the interviewer handed the card to others while I was still waiting for mine inside the room, thought I was going home. But I passed, holy cow! Seriously?!

Second round was rather a harder challenge. We were divided into Team A and Team B. A topic were given and we had only less than 5 minutes to prepare our individual points for a debate. I enjoyed this as I am confidentially shared my points and my team mates commented that I was doing great during the round. And again, I went through hell when the interviewer was handing the card to everyone of us. For those who succeeded, the time and venue for the final interview is stated clearly on the card.

And I succeeded. Unexpectedly, I wasn't as excited as before as I realized what has coming my way. Firstly, even though I was hoping that I can be part of Cathay Pacific but thinking of living apart from the family, I felt a little bit of hesitation inside me.Working abroad, especially in Hong Kong sounds so cool and I am highly expecting for it, but there are too many to count on and many to be considered. If the final decision of the management is made and I am one of them, certainly I am willing to overcome all the obstacles and nurtured positive mind in myself. I can imagine myself wearing the red color uniform with a sweet smile on my face, greet all the people coming my way and live a happier life. I always have happy thoughts and believe me, only ourselves can decide if we are living an unhappy or happy life, don't you think so? Even if I don't get this, I will move on and be who I am today.

After I was interviewed for the final stage, I was supposedly assigned with an appointment but unfortunately the result of my English assessment wasn't out yet and the interviewer was unable to arrange one for me. Now am still waiting for my medical appointment.

PS : To Miss Interviewer, believe me I knew the answer and I have a totally different answer in mind but I don't know why I just stuttered. Paris and Mexico pulled my legs! You know what I mean. *as if she's reading these*