Good day everyone! Hope the weekend is treating you good. It's been a busy week, attended 3 different events in 3 different days. My schedule on Sunday had been canceled off due to the excessive muscle contraction which caused body aching and muscle pain, thus, I went for foot reflexology and neck massage this afternoon in Times Square.

So, I attended the new release of Sony Walkman® W260 Series in Sungei Wang, Concourse Area on 16th September 2011.

The brand.

Had a mini heart attack when I realized my camera was fully equipped with a SD Card but the battery was nowehere to be found. I was then forced to rely on my phone to take pictures. So you must be curious where did I got all this photos from. The answer is : My camera. I found the battery finally in the hidden pocket of my bag.

The choices of color.

Bloggers' Catwalk show.

The muscular Henry.

The Shy Jayren.

The Fantastic Four!

4 lucky bloggers were chosen during lucky draw and they went back with a new set of Sony Walkman W260 Series! I wasn't one of them thou. Lucky Lady never by my side every time when there's a lucky draw. Despite that, every registered bloggers are given a door gift which consisted a nice black water bottle and a file of briefing notes and introduction CD of the event.

Performance by Panic Crew!

Technically different from its previous line-up of Sony Walkman® NWZ, this newly unveiled Sony Walkman® NWZ-W260 Series is 25% lighter at a 32g. The Walkman® comes supplied with Content Transfer software which you can enjoy absolute easy transfer/drag-and-drop with Windows Media Players and iTunes (only non DRM contents)

Sony Walkman® NWZ-W260 Series is ideally built to suits fashionistas or sports enthusiasts. It's perfectly fitted to your ears with its wire-free, not forgetting to mention it is washable!

The USB port.

Now clean your drenched Sony Walkman® NWZ-W260 Series by running water tap, do not use a brush, sponge, soap or detergent. Just gently rubbing it and make sure the USB port is closed tightly before put under the running water tap.

Water Resistant and Washable!

Apart from that, by pressing the ZAPPIN™ button, you can preview the chorus of each track for either 4 or 15 seconds. Searching your favorite tune has never been easier!

And, with just a 1.5 hours, your Sony Walkman® NWZ-W260 is now fully charged and your day is pleased with an 8 hours playback of your hottest song list! So what are you waiting for?!

The New Sony Walkman® NWZ-W260 Series is now available at Sony outlets nationwide @RM299 (2GB). For more information, please visit and/or .

Tea break, courtesy of Sony Malaysia.

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