I can't explain that. I mean, the title. It bored me to hell if I was about to put "Oh Melbourne - Part XXX", don't you feel the same way too? Anyways, Christmas is around the corner, bet most of you are ready for the party before 2012! Frankly speaking, I am not as excited as last year for Christmas, Mumble is gone and I am not in the mood to celebrate Christmas. However, am still thinking up the Christmas menu for my furkids! Kids love Christmas, don't they?
Sunny Day!

No, it was another day with strong cold wind.

So, this is another post on the Melbourne trip. My only transportation during my stays in Melbourne was the tram. Unlike my tram traveling within the city, I paid for this. It took a longer traveling time before we reached St, Kilda, ticketing officers may turn up anytime, so might as well I buy the tram ticket. Take a peak outside!
Beautiful, isn't it?

This was how I celebrated the second day of Hari Raya Puasa in Melbourne. We went to

Crowded as always.

I still don't understand this.

The Winter Market - St. Kilda!

There were stalls along the roadside. Mostly were selling handcrafted items such as organic soaps, photo frames, postcards, scarfs and etc. I must forget to emphasize that no photos are allowed. The things are so beautiful and unique that I want to show them to my mom! And of course, to you, my dearest readers. So as in return, I bought a few things from them, a photo frame, decorative items such as a small square painting, purse, postcards and fridge magnets. Since I wasn't intending to buy all that for myself, might as well I give it all to my friends as souvenirs.

So, all the photos taken as below are expensive like hell! (sort of paid for all these)


I think I can make this on my own. #justsaying

Owner is a lovely old couple!

Bought one.




Well, I have one of these hanging in my cupboard right now.

It's St. Kilda Park! Unexpectedly small. Frankly speaking, I was expecting an amusement park as big as Genting Theme Park! Pawned by the entrance.

Why are you so small?

The management were upgrading the facilities, thus some of the rides were closed due to the park renovation.


The ticket booth.

Ghost train, meh.

The combo set.

Spending one month in Melbourne was never a plan nor intention. Perhaps you didn't notice, but I usually travel with either my boyfriend, or my friends. This time, I was alone. Luckily, the sister decided to tag along. I was trying to find a new direction in life, I was lost and I wasn't happy. It seems to me that happiness is temporary and nothing lasts longer than the depression that I was having inside me.

So, I decided to fly to Melbourne. Meet up with my BFF, talk to him, express my feelings. He has been effortlessly making me a happier person and helped me in finding my own way. He always tells me that I should have confidence in myself and when I have such confidence, I can achieve in my life.

I've spent quite a big amount of Australian Dollars in Arcade, and yet I didn't win anything from any of the games. I was upset. At the same time, I felt like a loser. Mind you, I WAS unhappy. So, I walked out from the Arcade. Saw a bunch of kids standing in front of a dart kiosk, and I decided to check it out.

The game rules were at a rather amateur level. By paying 5 dollars, you will be given 3 darts. The catch was: if you hit a star during your first try, that will be your only try, which means the other 2 darts are considered forfeit. The game is just a piece of cake! Only that the possibility of winning is small! I have no idea how many RED STARS there were among the stars but in order to win the biggest soft toys, you must hit the RED STAR!

I told the BFF that I want to bring home the big soft toy. I wanted to try my luck but I have no confidence! He encouraged me to try, nothing could be worse if I don't give it a try, either you win something or not. Keeping the 5 dollars or not.

I paid and got my three darts. The sister and BFF were cheering for me. I was super nervous, can! The dart I was holding in hand, it was like my entire hope! I desperately need to hit the RED STAR to prove that I really can achieve whatever I want! You know, the mentality of a person who is under depression is FRAGILE unpredictable.


I was screaming out of joy! Kids were staring at me awkwardly. I don't really care, I was feeling content and happy for winning the big soft toys! There were few to choose from but I chose the soft toys I'm hugging in the photo above instead, the rest were meh-what-the-hell.


Busy on the phone.

One thing that makes me adore about living overseas is, you can bring your dogs almost everywhere. Things that make me fucking hate my own country because of the system, nevertheless we can't bring our dogs to the park!

So cute!

Cuteness combo!

Since it was the second day of Hari Raya Puasa, I forgotten who suggested this but we agreed to visit Malaysia Hall. I assumed that they should have a Raya Celebration going on, on top of that, I miss Malaysian food so much and I must visit Malaysia Hall for the sake of the food!

Opposite of the Malaysia Hall.

For the deaf.

We reached finally!

I approached a teenage boy and asked : " tumpang tanya... Malaysia Hall ada buat kenduri untuk raya?"

He answered: " Ada, tapi dah habis. "

What the hell the celebration had ended! Anyone please tell me why they HAVE to separate both males and females to different side of the building during the celebration? Does it make any sense to you? Apparently it doesn't make any sense to me. That is why I ask you.

I stunned :"Bukan malam ini ke, adik?"

He then answered: " bukan. pagi ini. Kenduri ini untuk Malaysian sahaja, miss."

I'm a Malaysian la, you idiot! If I'm not one of your nation, you think I care to come? If I'm not a Malaysian, you think I can speak fluent national language, with our very unique slang? If I'm not a Malaysian, you think I'm so thick face and eat all your food?

I ranted too much I know. Better still I go to the post office and mail some postcards to my loved one.


Guess who received my postcards?



No prizes for those who got the answer correctly. #coldjokes

So alright, that's all for now, gonna get few golden roasters from Ayamas, just for my furkids! Merry Christmas everyone!


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