Have this sudden urge to share more of my Christmas holidays last year.

So, Costa Maya, Mexico. Disney Fantasy was docking at the Puerto Costa Maya, located approximately 1/2 mile north of Mahahual. Set against the deep turquoise sea, this beautiful paradise Costa Maya is comprised of 3 grand pavilions, artisan and costa maya shopping areas, a beach club, saltwater pools, fine restaurants and bars.

Disney Fantasy
Port of Call, Costa Maya, Mexico

Disney Fantasy

I've signed up for a port adventure for a single person. The boyfriend has no interest in history thus he chose to check out the shopping districts instead.

Costa Rica, Mexico
My tour guide

Costa Rica, Mexico
Strong wind at the port


Costa Maya is the first Western Caribbean port designed exclusively for the cruise ship industry and is strategically located just hours from Cancun on Mexico's southern Yucatan Peninsula.

Costa Rica, Mexico
The Shopping District at the port.

Costa Maya, Mexico

I was on a mini tour to visit the historical Mayan. There was this naughty-but-clever little boy named Daniel. He interrupted our tour guide whenever stories has been shared, his name has been called by his parents, like, for a thousand times. I can't imagine myself for being that patient, I probably give a deadly stare to my kids for being annoying.

One of the many Mayan ruins.

Fast forward to visiting the Mayan village. I always been curious about "earth oven". The boyfie got jealous when I showed him these foodie pictures. He decided not to join this mini tour at the very last minute, despite the forfeited tour fees, he had a great time having lunch buffet and spa treatment onboard thou.

Mayan Earth Oven
Spot Daniel in this photo.

Earth Oven
It takes about 4 to 6 hours to get the dishes fully cooked.

Mayan Village

I was the first one in the line. There was a storm just not long before this photo was taken. I was a little bit concern of the weather though. The tour guide mentioned that Mayan use leaves rather than concrete rooftop because the storm will definitely destroy it. Leaves as the material is way economical for the Mayan.

Mayan Village

Earth Oven
I asked for two.

Mayan Food
My quick lunch before heading back to our cruise ship.

Remember the Mayan Calendar? Undeniably that Mayan are expert in calculation and numbers. I was shocked when the tour guide said that many Mayan are still not educated and still depending on their traditional skills, such as making bags using natural materials.

The Mayan
Natural colouring from these seeds.

The Mayan

I tried to make a short conversation with the elderly Mayan, none of them can speak fluent English. If we were not catching the onboard-time, I'll definitely to stay a little longer to learn more about Mayan cultures from the elderly.

Disney Fantasy
Time to embark!

The Mayan village I've visited is one of the oldest and occupied villages with the Mayan and Mexican. The people are friendly and helpful although we have communication difficulties. I have a very weak stomach hence I did not buy any fruit packs or local Mexican foods.

Throughout this educational tour, I get to know that Thomas Adams is the founder of chewing gum. I was a little bit confused at first when the tour guide pointed at a tree and told that chewing gum/chicle was made from it. Still remember we used to watch it from movies where kids or adults will stick the chewing gum almost everywhere, specifically under the desk or at the chair back? It is true! Chewing gum that made from the natural latex its flavour last even longer than our RM2.10 artificial chewing gum.

Well, on a side note, I still need to pay tips to both the tour guide and driver. :/ Paying tips is something that I'm reluctant to do, sorry to say but I am more comfortable to the 10% service charges in Malaysia.

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