Reached there at 6.00PM. The queue was so long till I wasn't sure where is the entrance.

Heard that some of them reached about 3PM. I was taking bath that time. Salute for those who willing to line up that early. Thumbs up!

You Gotta The Spirit!

Waiting for AAR to perform.

Went in using the normal tickets. Met a friend and got a VIP Pass from him.

Seriously, thanks to this special pass, it was actually the Media Pass for Astro.

Can't you notice the power of "mountain people mountain sea" downstage?

Downstage packed like hell.

Crowded People = Canned Sardin

I can't tell you the amount of people. Perhaps 10,000 ++?

Not able to get another 2 VIP passes for Joevin and bii.

Advantages in working for event-line...

Meet new/old friends, new people, new artists.

Free passes, especially front seats.

PS : That umbrella isn't mine.
All American Rejects.
To be frank, they are better from what I thought about them.
I went for Good Charlotte's and MCR's. AAR is the best band I ever seen for live show.
Pop Shuvit is good as well.
I love their "Old School Rocker" and "Impak Maksima". ;P
Say hi to them ;P


Been away from here quite a long time.

I was busy doing some proposal for events.

A friend are asking for the updates,

funny was, himself has not update his blog longer than me!

Actually am waiting for the Imac dropped price.

Still expensive after the discount,

will ask if bii or my dad can sponsor me.

By the way, need to get ready for bii's mom's birthday.

See ya' soon!

Off for Getting Ready - Roslyn