Joker in bed.

Jack's Lover.

Joker loves red so much. Almost all her toys are red in color.

Bought a small fluffy house for her as the birthday gift. She loves it so much.

She put all her toys in the house, she is clever not to pee or shit in the house.

I just washed the pillow of the house, she was waiting at the balcony staring at the pillow, waiting it to dry so that she can sleep.

The house is flea-free, mind you. ;)

"Go! Go! Biting! "

Sometimes she is annoying. She will make noise if we do not hug her or put her in bed with us. She is clever as well, she will bite a toy and caress your legs, just to tell you :

" Come and play with me! "

How cute she is ;)

She will bark at my mom, telling her :

" I want to eat, hurry! "

She follows us to the bathroom ,because she wants to take bath too.

Yes, she loves to take bath like those girls.

After the bath, she'll wait for my mom to put body lotion on her.

Amazing, isn't it?

Not to mention, must use whitening lotion or Body Shop's body butter.

My younger sis even put make up on her cheeks.


I never thought that I'll take a toy group as my pet.

Few months back, I went to a pet shop after my meeting in KL.

Saw her tapping the glass window with her paws, showing her pink tongue and watery big eyes.

"Ouh, so cute! " I told my bii.

"I want this puppy!"

Action speaks louder, I checked out the price.

*Gulp* RM1899.00, with microchip and MKA cert.

" It's effing expensive for such a small dog.." I hesitated.

I went back home with empty handed, full hearted thinking about her.

I kept nagging my bii, saying :

" She is so cute, I will named her as Jenny, Jean, or.... "

" You named her? haha, she is not even your pet! "

My desire is burning like wild fire!

" Yellow! Your pug sell already arh? " Called after 2 days.

" The female pug you hugged the other day? No." The supervisor answered.

"Okay, get ready in 30 minutes, I'm coming to pick her up."

Decision made, nobody can change my mind.

Paid RM1899.00, my half-month salary gone, but,

"She is worth more than this price." I told myself.

Yes, she is.

She makes my life brighter.

She is annoying, yet, intelligent.

She'll pee and shit on the floor instead of in the toilet if she 'bu shuang' you.

She'll kiss you and jumping around you if you have food in your hand.

She likes to annoy Roche and Mumble, wake them up and bite their ears.

So cute.

When I brought her home and showed it to my family,

"Wah, siape punye? the eyes are so big! "

When bii brought her back to his house,

"So ugly! Why the eyes so big? Lei ga? "

Haha, funny.

She snores like a big guy, sometimes.

Dogs Are Men's BFF - Roslyn