Tony Roma's Pavilion

KLLot 1.15, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-21433278

This is the 3rd time going there with bii.

Good food with affordable prices.

It's a typical America restaurant. You can find sandwiches, steaks and ribs, burgers, pasta and desserts. Food served in big portion, they are famous of their steaks and ribs.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to have any meat before I am healed. I've ordered the seafood pasta, no prawns-eating, only tomato-ed pasta.

As well as a bottomless drinks at RM8.90 each.

Half Loaf RM12.90 / Full Loaf RM16.90

Onion Loafer. Giant onion rings with superb sauce. Taste awesome!

Seafood Spaghetti RM31.90

Chicken breast with 2 sides.

You should try their mashed potato! Effing delicious. It's my favorite.

I love the fresh brocolli as well. Yummy.

Close Up. RM31.90

Delicious. I just had an operation last Monday, couldn't eat this meal.

Talking about chicken breast, or should I say Chicken.

I always thought that we DO NOT eat Cock.

I meant : Cock = Male Chicken

My mummy told me that I can eat chicken cooked by her in the mean time.

"Never ever eat chicken from the restaurants!"

I thought she was refering to the sauce or whatsoever.

Then, my bii's mom warned me not to eat chicken especially cock.

Question marks. I am confused.

Called my mummy and asked about eating hen and cock.

She told me that I am not allowed to eat chicken unless she cooks it cause she'll buy hen.

Question mark again.

I thought we do not eat cock at all.

"If this is so, all the hens are slaughtered, cocks walk away like a freeman."

My bii answered me.

Making sense.

I am not stupid nor dumb.

Do 'you think' you know how to differenciate the alligators and crocodiles?

I can, mind you. It is so easy to me.

Hahaha. Mostly people don't.

Basically, I don't know all the things, including the eating-cock-issue.

Alright back to Tony Roma's, people.

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