Love it.

LG has Prada, Nokia has Raoul now. I was effing dying for Prada before, my heart doesn't give myself a green light because of the features and also the price.

If not mistaken, it's about RM3000 for the LG Prada. No 3G. Dead.

Nokia N97mini Raoul only sell at RM2550.00. Only 1000 units in Malaysia.

N97mini Raoul is a bonus! I was thinking to buy N97mini, however, the white coloured doesn't attract me at all. I want something unique.

Saw the Nokia-Raoul showcase in Pavilion and I was thrilled when I first saw this phone.

Love the color. Love the price!

My wallpaper

They have the main contents where you can choose to have shorcuts, handy.

I've put GPS, WEB, Youtube, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.

Also the shortcuts to Notes, Voice Message Reader, Wifi and Fashion Updates.

Fashion updates is an application from FJ Benjamin. This app will updates the latest runways from La Senza, Raoul, Banana Republic and etc.

The handsfree with MP3 navigator.

This phone has 8GB bulit in memory. The normal N97 should have 16GB. Both the phones can support up to external 32GB memory.

All of my songs are Avenged Sevenfold's and AAR's.


At RM2550, you can get :

Leather box from Raoul where you put your Nokia box and whatsoever.

Leather pouch. I'll use it occassionally.

Extra back cover - Normal and Raoul Edition.

And also the RM100 voucher from Raoul.

People telling me iPhone 3Gs or BB is the best.

Look around, people.
Most of the girls blogged about "BB".
It's a trend, I guess.
I tried on BB before.
Can't say anything about it, BB lovers will start to harp on me.

But, look at N97mini Raoul,

This phone definitely is my type, love the features and love its' "limited/special Edition"!

To be frank,

I started to look out phones with keyboard after watching GG.

Like GG's,

they snapped photos, swipe the phone and start to play with the keyboard.

Again, Raoul is the one for me. ;)

Love SMSing using the keyboard - Roslyn