Bulldog Restaurant and Cafe

31 & 31-1 Jalan Sri Hartamas 7
Taman Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
"What is Christmas if you are not with your lovely family and friends?"
Vincent and I
Checking out the menu together. The rest of them bellieve our choices.
Joker lovey dovey.
She is in her jeans. We put her on the chair so that we can feed her easily.
The family.
Pets are allowed in Bulldog. I brought all my dogs for Christmas dinner. I've booked for upstairs so that I can off-leashed them without scaring people off.
The staff are all pet lover. some of them took pictures of my dogs and let the dogs hanging around freely. My dogs are friendly as well, Mumble is a little tense. She warned whoever trying to touch or caress her. Shy, I assumed.
After the dinner.
It's pool time. I did not play as I am busying taking care of the dogs. The men are playing.
Calvin vs David.
Christmas Dinner, 25th Dec 2009
Us. Stomach full and satisfied.
If you wonder, the bill is only RM400 for 11 of us. Affordable and worthy. If you are looking for a pets-human restaurant, Bulldog is the place. Staff and the service are the rules of thumb. They do not scard of giant-dogs (as like mine) and they are friendly.
We are actually played the pool games for free, the staff gave us free tokens. ;)
More photos uploaded to my FB.
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