'Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to Mumble,

Happy Birthday to you'

- From mummy 20/10/09

Celebrate her birthday with my siblings, Roche, Joker and Vincent.

Mumble staring at her food.

We bought KFC bucket and few sets of snack plate. We treated bii's family as well. I thought it would cost a blast, but it was only less than Rm100. Mumble loves chicken.

Roche and Joker shared the KFC bucket too.

Wanting for more.

Mumble with her effing cute expression, asking for more ice cream cake from us.

Whose dog can be cuter than mine?

Who who who?

Next morning.

Mumble with my new shades. Cute, isn't she?

Christmas is another 2 weeks. I have been going to KL few times in a week, looking for gifts to my loved ones. :)

Not spending much on bii, cause my plan is to buy something special, yet costly to my 3 daughters ; Mumble, Roche and Joker.

Shopping, shopping shopping for my Christmas - Roslyn