It's been zillion times I dine in Tony Roma's.

After shopping time, we are hungry

so I decided to dine in there for 1375864735 times.

This time is special 'cause

I brought my sister there for the very first time!*happy*

I just love the pasta and ribs!

Affordable pricing and I am satisfied with their services!

What's best to do before food served?

Camwhore Time!

Jan Calvin

My dinner wouldn't that purrfect w/o this baby hunk.

Yours truly.

My sister.

After all the above pretty faces and sweet smiles, food served.

Roll down for more.


I love the bread! It's free for each dine-in.


Yum yum, my all-time fav!


Ribs steak.

Tips : Never order one set meal for each person, you will never able to finish all.

The sauce.

I am not fancy about the sauces, prefer have the ribs with their original sauce.

The sisters.

Shopping time is good. Barely find any clothes.

I think I am not in the good mood yet, perhaps.

Chinese New Year is around the corner,

anyone of you have not buy any new clothes?

New shirt, new panties, new accessories, everthing la.

I do believe red underwear bring luck during gambling.