Jonker Walk, Melacca is the must-visit place,

especially during Chinese New Year.

Jonker Walk (Jalan Hang Jebat) is a street located in the Chinatown, Melacca.

It has many antique stores, the famous Rice-Ball restaurant and Sam Suk Gong.

In the morning, many stores are open and at night, the street will be closed for traffic and turn into lively night market.

I am a regular visitor to Jonker Walk,

for instance, on this Sunday night, 24 January 2010.

Jonker Walk is only a one and a half hour journey from my house.

Interesting handcraft.

Sun Wu Kong

Sells at RM25. Cheap?

Sun Wu Kong is my favorite legend to tell stories about. Then my foreign friends will go

"Aww! Really?! Awesome!"

Sun Wu Kong is my childhood hero.

I believe 80's babies know who is he, no?

Bai Jia Xing

Chopstick is significant. I had been trained so hard by my mother to hold chopstick with the correct way, 'cause she said I am Chinese and I should learn it.

Jiang, my Chinese surname.

RM4 per pair. I bought 6 pairs for my family.

Jonker Walk truly is the best place for you and me to learn Chinese cultures. Most of the stalls sells Chinese things, such as the variety of foods, Fengshui stuff, books, decoration and etc.

Along the street you also can spot temples / pubs / bars.

In shorts, Jonker Walk had it all if you want to know more about Malaysia Chinese.