I think I treat my dogs better than I treat myself.

Indeed. I never deny that I'm such a lazy person. I feel hungry most of the time, but I am too lazy to prepare meals, someone either get food for me or I can just lying there waiting for Heaven's call. 8 times out of 10, my Milo drinks are prepared by my sister or my mom. That is why I am darn thin, someone even asked if I have Anorexia, &*$%&#@!8! 

Have no idea what is the meaning of Anorexia? View to understand.

Although I'm a lazy human to prepare meal for myself,  but I would never forget to refill my dogs' bowl with biscuits and treats.

So during this fine day, went to Pet Safari, Ikano Power Centre to shop for their new toys and canfoods. It's my favorite spots for shopping.

You'll find all sorts of animals and animal-related stuff here. They have snakes, dogs, sugar gliders, birds, hamsters, fishes, spiders, and most of the animals that we can pet at home.

Not sure if all these shells are fake, but the little crabbies are real.

Cat Department.

Dog Department.

Premium can-foods. Generally it only consists meat without organ parts.
 But I didn't check out if these consist any of that.

Can feed the dogs as healthy treats.

Mas Kargo runs an animal hotel too, nearby KLIA.

Tel: 03-77252257

Membership card. 5% off for purchase up to RM20.

Lamb and Rice flavor is recommended for their growths.

Most of the dogs allergic to chicken meat.


Joker : Certainly. Obviously.

One can for portion of 4 dogs.

From left,counter clockwise : Biggest portion for Mumble, another one for Roche, The smaller portion for Gambit and the smallest one for Joker.

Done. Ready to serve.

One of the best meals for my dogs.

Sometimes it costs me a bomb. I understand can-foods or toys aren't the necessity. I just did my best to comfort them, imagine if you eat the same meal 3 times a day, 7 days a week, what would you feel? I will mix the can-foods with the biscuits occasionally but the healthy treats are fed every night.
Dogs are man's best friend