Chào mừng đến với Việt Nam

Guess who?

Was in Leisure Mall last Sunday waiting for jamming session near there. There are plenty of restaurants in the mall, usually I'll go for places that I used to be, but this time I decided to try out Vietnam Kitchen. Heard from a friend whom came back from Vietnam lately, Thailand isn't the only country famous of TomYam. Unlike Thai's TomYam, Vietnamese TomYam is slightly sourer and spicy.

Appetizer served @2.00rm.

The best coffee ever!

Seriously, I never taste such delicious and enriching coffee. Can beat Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Dome, Gloria Jeans my home-made coffee.

Vietnamese TomYam

Craving for homemade TomYam? click here.

Black-peppered fish.

I'm not fancy about spicy foods. Actually had second thought of ordering this, but I think I should give it a try. OMFG, it proved that I've made the right decision! Nom-nom!

A picture paints a thousand words.

Crab @9.90rm each. This is mom's recipe flavor.

Promotions @298rm ++ and 198rm ++

As usual, I will definitely bring my parents here for dinner soon. Seriously, to be frank, not recommend to bring your parents here for this promotions. I think you can get better foods with that amount of money somewhere else. For instance, Chinese restaurants, perhaps?

Eh, not saying that Vietnam Kitchen is bad, I love their menu!

And also the ambiance of the restaurant, you know.. good customer service and soft music. A good place for chill-out for everyone, especially couples. *grin*

It's me! Eh don't faint la!

Bạn đang rất thông minh, biết cách sử dụng dịch. Genius! Tình yêu bạn của tôi đọc!