Question : What It Takes To Have A Lasting Relationship?

I've Google-d about it, and let's see... Most of the results shown have similar opinions, but let me cut it short. Basically, there are 5 main points. Before I elaborate more on it, I shall share some of my experiences.*Woots, seriously, she is willing to reveal her love life?* I know I used to keep it low and some said sort of keeping it as a secret. This is just one of the ways to protect my loved ones and also to keep stalkers and haters out from it.

Many of you maybe still trying to catch what I'm talking about here at this point, frankly, if you have no time to read it, better stop now by pressing the big X and the up-right corner. This is gonna be a long post, alright?

I have so much things to tell, certainly more for you to laugh about. I don't know how should I put these in appropriate sentences. We met each other under the roof of a Catholic church. He is a Paulian while I am a Puterian wtf. We studied in different schools, we knew each others' friends for years but we never have the chance to bump into each other.

We seems like a stranger to each other. Practically, our tracks shouldn't be joint together as we are different in so many ways and we did not share the same interests at all. He is a musician since young, I was an artist when I was a kid. He played musical instruments, I played with crayons and pencils. When we grew up, he wants to be a musician and I'm dying to be a scientist. When 2 person have different point of views, different interests, when they interact with each other, undeniably conflicts will occurred and this is impossible avoidable. At this point, I'm sure many of you would agree with me that we are impossibly a pair of loving doves.

The first time I heard about him was when many approached me to share some of their dirty little secrets. They had crush towards this particular guy and been telling me how cute he is, how nice he is. I still got no ideas who he is, a photo will do actually, but none of them manage to show me any of that. So obviously, I feel nothing about him, I don't know him personally. Funny thing was, maybe girls are blessed with strong sixth-sense, some of them warned me not to involve with him in any ways. But why is that all the dirty little secrets? It doesn't make sense, agree?

Our first interaction was during a graduation concert organized by our friends, to be more specific, the class of Confession. I was conned invited by my best friends to join their dancing group. It sounds so vain I know. At first, I thought it would be a dance of boy band's songs, such as Backstreet Boys. I nodded and promised to commit myself into their practices. I still remember I almost run away from the house when they played Jennifer Lopez's! Not saying that I hate female singers, I just feel uneasy to dance using the particular song. I felt like a dancing handicapped robot during my performance. I knew I look horrible and funny thou. When I was chilling down stage, observing people on the dance floor, he sat next to me and started a conversation. He told me I look good on stage and he likes the dance. Out of my expectation to be frank. Like I said in the earlier part, we do not know each other, neither talk to each other before.

The next day, they have a small party and he invited me. We still not manage to talk because we sat at the different corner of the table. After that, thought that is all, we would back to normal without further contacts. Unexpectedly, I received a call from him after school the next day after the party. I used up all my brain juice just to recall what we've been chatting, but it happened naturally and easy, none of us find it hard to talk to each other. We chatted for almost 3 hours before I get ready for Taekwondo lesson.

Then for the rest of the days within the week, he called me. We chatted happily and naturally. It was a very strange feeling, seriously. I received calls from friends but I would never holding the phone for more than 15 minutes. I don't used to chat through the phone, as what my mother said, if someone is on the phone for a long time, it would be very troublesome because others might want to get to my family. But when he called me, I don't feel annoyed, on top of that, I am expecting for his calls every time I'm back from school.

After a week, we decided to have a serious relationship with each other. We both are first love to each other, as many would tell you, this is just a puppy love. I can't tell you if it's what you're saying, but we took is serious, as much as we can bear, we can tolerate with each other, then it's enough. The epic part in this chapter is how I answered him when he asked if I can be his girlfriend.

What if I tell you, NO?
What if I tell you, YES?

 The day is 28th June 2002.

 I wonder what will happen if I said no.

(To be continued....)