I think I tend to make me involved in everything you're doing because I want to be the your first supporter. I know I will never betray you; I will try my best to make you a better one; I can be the first one to criticize you even before anyone realizes what you have done wrong or bad; I can be the best brain you can juggling in hands when you need ideas.

I know who I am to you. I'm the worst one when comes to communicate with elderly person; I know I'm the worst musician-wannabe; I know I'm very near to zero patience and bad tempered; I know I'm not a gorgeous bimbo as you expected; I know I can't be funny and kind; I know how bad I am in your eyes.

I know who I am. I can curse like no other men in world can done it better than me when I'm driving; I always acted like a big man because I would rather to bear all the blames than putting in on my whole team; I always be the first to stand up and fight like no tomorrow; I can be very cruel to everything but animals will always have the soft part of mine; I can be blunt in times but most of the time, nobody can mess with me; I'm very particular with punctuality because I think it's the least respect we can offer to others; I know what you think of me, I am nothing more than a fighting cock, let it be the most gorgeous cock if I may add.

I hope you can do it without me. I really do. You know you can do it, you are like my new born baby that I never can let go and leave your behind, I'm afraid you will lost your way to the kitchen, or you will fumble and hurt yourself when walking. I always leave the biggest room for you to improve, I believe in taking baby steps and everyone will eventually learn something new in life no matter how.

I got nothing to explain because we see things from different perspectives. We always have dilemma in these. You have been my bestest friend but I think things have changed out of everyone's expectation.I think I'm too real and never hide the real me in front of you thus all the bad temper.

It's time for me to let you go. you will have a better day tomorrow. Goodbye.

PS : I still left 4 units of Synyester Gates Custom in hand for RM4395 each. Drop me a message to place your order. Toddles!