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Rise and shine people! So as what I've promised, this is the post on my 3rd day in Hong Kong. 

Ocean Park!

I'd been planning my Hong Kong trip months before we actually flew to the big city. Plan your trip efficiently to cut down all the hassle of reading the map and last minute plan on the plane. For the first two days, we strolled the city and visited Madame Tussauds.

The entrance

Never had a jumpsuit until I saw this blue-colored jumpsuit at Times Square, only for HKD199!


Honestly, I brought this map back with me as one of the souvenirs. Anyone need an outdated map from Ocean Park?

The famous air-balloon in Ocean Park.

I admitted that I'm a kiasu person, I was literally running to the counter to get my tickets. Ahead from one person is enough to satisfy my #kiasuness. If the boyfriend weren't hold me back, I might missed the chance to take the photos as above.

My first ride in the amusement park.

Forced him to ride with me.

Bungee trampoline!  It wasn't as easy as you seen. You really think jumping on the trampoline is fun? I can't stop from thinking that I might jump out from the trampoline and break my legs! I dare not jump as high as the boyfriend did. 

Next, the panda!


Visitors are told to remain silent and turn off the camera flash due to the safety precaution. Although panda looks harmless and adorable, they can tear you up easily, let it alone rip off your face. Luckily for me that my camera able to zoom in and capture the panda clearly. Without the flash.

I'm so cute that I chew bamboo all the time.
I'm so cute that I walk slowly.
Cuteness overdosed.

For the photo above, I did not zoom in, this panda was siting exactly in front of me if the glass weren't existed. So super adorable!

Over pricing lunch box.

Ocean Express Waterfront Station is the new attraction!

To another part of Ocean Park.

It's an alternative way to the Summit. Before that, taking cable car was the only way to go uphill. I would recommend you to take this ride instead, during the 3 to 5 minutes journey, visual-audio motion will be played inside the cabin, you'll be experiencing under sea adventure.

The 360 Tower.

View from the Summit.

The Pier.

This is my favorite attraction in Ocean Park! 

Seal seal seal!

Hey gorgeous!


As usual, they have scheduled feeding time. When I was younger, I used to think that the breeder/aquarium member intended to cut the cost hence, they set up a schedule to control their appetite. Will never know the intention, but I can tell that it's presumably that by scheduling the feeding time is to give them a healthier life than feeding them continuously.

On the way to another attraction, I saw this drawing session. It's been ages since I draw something so don't be overly mean about my drawing.

What the hell with the Malaysian, I have no idea why I ever wrote that.

Had chicken rice as lunch in Ocean Park. Honestly, it was quite a over pricing chicken rice. But considering that it's a chicken rice stall located inside an amusement park, I will give it a pass. So, the tips is, bring your own lunch and drinks.

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