Becoming a sea jelly is the last thing I will ever thought of. Sea jelly is transparent and sticky, gross. So I most likely will choose to become a shark or a whale, perhaps. It was a random question when my friend asked me what will I do if doomsday has come, the land is flooded and I can't swim!

One of the attractions in Ocean Park, Hong Kong is the Sea Jelly Spectacular. The place is huge beyond my expectation. In National Zoo, we only have few tanks to display jellyfish, unlike this! Anyway, my experience with jellyfish/sea jelly was extremely bad. There was once my family and I went to the beach. While my sister and I were playing with the water, we saw rubbish floating on the water surface. We were thinking to pick up but when we approached it, it was a damn jellyfish!

My sister shouted hysterically and my parents ran towards us, but still, it was too late. I was stung by jellyfish and my leg cramped.

The first tank I see.

Thanks to National Geography Channel I knew these aren't underwater parasite.

Told you that sea jelly is transparent, they are boring to be seen! The people installed some colorful lights and shot on the tank, look, they've become so colorful and charming. Thanks to the brilliant idea now sea jelly is awesomely beautiful!

There were actually more. I didn't know how I managed to take all these photos without the flash. It's quite tiring to keep holding the camera in hands, after few shots I kept it in my bag.

Truly speaking, if you are in rush, you can skip this attraction.