The first time I heard about  “庙街” was when watching Hong Kong gangster movie.

I felt hyped and already planned on how to protect myself if there were gang fight. #likethatalsocan But, nothing happened when I was there. So, Temple Street or in Cantonese "Nam Yan Kai' is one of the famous street in Hong Kong.

Take the MRT.

The night still young.

Temple Street is uniquely weird to me. Wasn't expecting to see explicit sexual toys! It was madness! Couldn't take photos of it as there were old and bald men standing in front of those stalls, choosing dildo and vibrators, I just feel funny.

Anyways, apart from that, this street is famous with men's fashion and second hand items, such as antiques, cassettes and books.

The Cantonese Opera

Along the road, there were plenty of Cantonese Opera. I was wondering which to go since every stalls will be running different opera at the same time. 

I personally have less interest in Temple Street, might as well we walked back to our hotel for dinner.

A random shop.
A simple beef noodles.

In Hong Kong, you hardly find dry noodles. You order one, there comes a noodle soup.

Different notes of 20 Hong Kong dollar.

Before I end this post, one of the attraction in Temple Street is this:

Thought only see these in Japan.

Man, Temple Street is #epic.

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