Welcome to Pulau Sapi

We were not planning to snorkel until we realized it would be a waste if we do not try it while we have the chance. At first, the parents didn't allowed us as I, the big sister is a 'summer duck'. After I made sure that we will be secured by the agent and lifeguards, the parents reluctantly gave us a green light. Mission accomplished. So in this post, my parents are not spotted in any of these photography.

Pulau Sapi is one of the island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park located nearby to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. You can take a boat from the Shangri-La Resort. Pulau Sapi has the nicest beach in the Park and its coral reefs with beautiful fishes makes it ideal for snorkeling.

Land Below The Wind
From the deck of Pulau Sapi, Sabah.

Land Below The Wind
The view.

Land Below The Wind
Clean white sand.

Land Below The Wind
Crystal clear water.

Land Below The Wind

Land Below The Wind


BBQ Seafood Lunch provided.






Chicken Satay.


My lunch.

Sunny day makes me extremely happy.

Heart shaped dead coral.

I was scared at first and refused to snorkel even though I was ready with all the gears on. Sister pulled me into the water forcefully and I felt great after that although the life jacket is hurting my thighs. The experience is definitely worthy and fabulous! It was my first time I can swim in the water without worrying of drowning. The water is cold and crystal clear. Fishes swam by us and they swam away gracefully when I tried to reach them by hands. I felt like a mermaid until a........

Ouch! Damn, it bleeds you mothafucka fish!

It always make me energetic to expose myself under the sun. I got nasty sunburn on my back as I forgotten to apply sunblock at the particular area. I showed it to my mom and she laughed so hard I don't why how can she be so cruel to me. It's been a month I had this sunburn, whenever I take out my cloth, I see myself like wearing a extreme thin bullet proof jacket because it's black.